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525 EFI Upgrade

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Originally Posted by Raylar View Post
Hey Guys:

The moderators are removing my answers because they are construed as advertising, which we are not supposed to do here on OSO unless we buy add space. The new Raylar HP525efi to HP675efi package is as described on the attached description sheet.
We will be doing something special to a few first time customers so PM me or call (866) 496-8181 if you are interested in the package.

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
Thats frustrating. I guess I kind of understand but whats the difference of you telling us what your able to do or someone who had done the upgrade? Except, I prefer the info straight from the horses mouth. Thanks Ray. Sounds great
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Thanks, Ray. I like the whole approach of your package. I am definitely interested, but just in the planning stages right now. I only have 130hrs on mine..but climbing fast.

Another thought--will you plan to offer an interim package that would be just upper engine mods, but compatible with the total rebuild later? I was just thinking that it would be nice to be able to do something at the valve spring replacement point--maybe head mods and a reprogram...Sort of a stage 1, stage 2 thing.
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Wink How do you get a Lot for a Little??

Suntimes and interested HP525efi owners:

I know most everybody has somewhat restricted engine and boat upgrade budgets in this economy, but when it comes to the HP525efi package this Mercury Racing offering has a certain build specification and output that is operating pretty efficiently at it's 550HP from 500 cubic inches. Obviously we have studied the engine package very carefully and we determined that the HP525efi engine does a really good job of producing its very reliable power from a nice array of parts and pieces. Even the ECM programming is somewhat optimized to provide good power and reliability from its basic package. Bottom line; there really is no moderate or big power hidden unlocked in this Mercury package!
What I am trying to say here is that with today's general operating conditions the only mods which would make a reasonable addition to power versus cost of the modification would be a serious increase in compression which is not possible with today's average pump gas and a bigger camshaft which would create serious reversion issues.
The only real reliable, reasonable life (400-600HR) way to get an HP525efi up seriously over 100HP which is what is going to be really justifiable based on cost for the 100HP is to get the cubic inch size of this engine up with the also required breathing improvements that need to be made to the heads and intake manifold to see this kind of horsepower increase and still end up with a reliable, long lived, put the hammer down for long period type of EFI engine that the majority of performance boaters will need and want.
This is why we engineered this package at 540 cubic inches (There is no replacement for Displacement) and made improvements to the overall engine parts to achieve an engine that will have the same great operating range and life of the original HP525! We kept the rpm limit the same as a stock HP525efi!
As for inexpensive quick easy upgrades to an HP525efi , save your money, be careful of people in the industry who say you can get there easily and cheaply and invest in a good solid engineered reconfigured, warrantied engine like the Raylar HP675efi engine!
Old Chinese Proverb say:
"There Ain't no Cheap or Free Great Lunch"!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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What a crock. I find Raylar's posts informative and interesting and they should remain up. I don't see them as any type of direct advertising. In fact, it is almost shameful for the website to delete these posts just because Raylar is not a paid advertiser. I know there are lines to be drawn, but I don't feel that they were crossed in this case. As far as offering that special deal, I would hope that someone from this site would benefit from it. And, they in turn could give us a review of this engine package, first hand.

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anybody running Raylars upgrade ? Comments ?
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