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If new part damages my new engine what should I expect from vendor?

Old 05-15-2009, 12:13 PM
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I bought brand new motor once for one of my old boats. it came complete minus the carb. I took my old carb to get rebuilt and they left a screw loose on the bottom of the carb. Within 6 minutes of my first boat ride, the screw dropped down the intake and found its way into a cylinder. trashed the head and punched a hole in the cylinder on my 6 minute old motor. called the shop and they told me I should have checked the screws before putting the carb on......and basically said FU.

Good luck.
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Wow bad situation, I am sure all they will replace is their part. I doubt they will even discout it for the labor to change them out. I hate to say it but this is where new "with full warranty" costs more but prevents these f ups.

Best of luck
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The warranty is up to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will pay for the entire repair, some won't. I used a Sierra water pump impeller in a Cobra outdrive, it failed and the guy cooked the engine. Sierra payed for the remanufactured engine and my labor to switch everything over and put the new engine in.
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Sometimes a manufacturer has a liability policy that will cover such a part defect damage scenario, but most don't and their standard warranty will most likely apply which normally only covers the part. Also check your boat policy, soime cover this type of inflicted accident damage.
Talk to them and see what they will do for you, hopefully they will help if they can and are a good company.

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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If you had payed the shop to build the engine start to finish and install with new headers, you would have an argument. But, if I remember correctly, you were buying used parts and having some things done where you needed help. Its going to be tough to get anyone to own any damages since you were the final assembly and installation.

Really sucks, sorry for your bad luck.
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