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Bud looking at boat, Odd Brand and Engines??...Ideas good or bad?

Old 05-20-2009, 01:01 AM
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Default Bud looking at boat, Odd Brand and Engines??...Ideas good or bad?

He's looking at a Force Offshore 29 canopy. I know nothing about these, there's not even a forum for em here. And, they have twin small blocks...merc 377's I guess. Which i find odd. Why not one big block like most the others I've looked at? there had to be definate upgrade costs with that.....

so anything you guys can tell me on the boat or a rough approximation of speed he could get from those twin 377's?

thanks in advance
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No name.........No thanks.........
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Most 28' and larger cats have twins.

I would not buy any boat that does not have some good name recognition. When its resale time, nobody will be looking for one and nobody will know what it is.
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Force Offshore is a well made low production west coast builder. We've done a few projects with them. Good guys.

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seems like the only reason they don't have a forum is that they are fairly new. Here is a link to their lineup. I like the 377's
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Thumbs up

377 Good Motors, don't know much about the boat manufacture or quality, but Biggus said they were good guys and he has dealt with them. Sounds good to me.
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Force Offshore has been around for a least the better part of 10 years, maybe a little longer. Their first boats were twin o/bs. Any article I have ever read on one has been favorable for the most part. They always have postitioned themselves as a somewhat "affordable" performance cat. I may be incorrect on this, but I thought I read or heard that ownership had changed hands over the last couple years. Again, don't hold me to that.

As far as the Scorpions; nothing to worry about there. They are dynamite motors. Rated at 340hp, but many will say that they were rated very conservatively.

If you like that boat and can buy it at the right price, I'd tell you not to hesitate one bit.
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