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Anybody Run West 1/2 Lake Erie??


Anybody Run West 1/2 Lake Erie??

Old 03-28-2002, 06:44 PM
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Thumbs up FLYIN

Right on my brother!!
Don't like staying somewhere that you can get to by car/trailer!!
Huron has an awesome facility and is semi-close to the islands as well.
I really am burnt out on the whole PIB/Kellies Island scene though.
Scudder Marina on the North end of Pelee is a very nice facility and 15 miles from Laemington Main land.
We could take over a big chunck of their docks and take the shuttle bus (only one on the island) to the winery and the local pubs (all 3!).
Very popular destination for cruisers.
With the beach on the South end, and a gorgeous horse shoe bay ( 3 miles wide) on the North end it would be the perfect place to target with the style of boats that we all run.
And Advantage, yep, got some pretty damn good stories of the Lake testing your skills/wits/brains and balls!!
Have seen several offshore boats comondere the beach for a day.
Pretty much no patrols, no rules etc.
You can almost back your boat close enough to the baech to jump from the platform to the beach.
When its calm, crystal clear water too.
Flats are too much like PIB for me.
Wall to wall people.
I'd rather go find my own private Idaho!
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Old 03-28-2002, 06:56 PM
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Thumbs up FLYIN

PS, you could tow to Leamington and launch there.
15 miles straight South to Pelee.
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Old 03-28-2002, 08:46 PM
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Bring that sonic down to cincinnati for a weekend this summer, alot of 100mph boats down here and no huge waves
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Old 03-28-2002, 08:56 PM
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I agree on burned out on PIB. Whats the story on this Scudder place? Never heard of it. Sounds cool!
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Old 03-28-2002, 10:02 PM
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Thumbs up Madcow

I'll see what I can dig up for info.
Not a lot out there due to it's size (revenue) or lack there of.
Pelee island is 9 miles long and 3 1/2 miles wide.
It is exactly 15 miles straight South of Leamington Ontario and about 30 or 35 North of Marblehead/Port Clinton/Sandusky.
It is next to un-inhabited.
Enough there to get in trouble but not enough to feel like you're "down town".
Been going there for 20 yrs.
It's my favorite.
Awesome clean, clear water.
Scudder is the name of the only "real" marina on the island.
It is a very well protected harbor, maybe 60/70 docks total.
Foot of the dock at this harbor is a nice/quaint pub/restaurant. Outdoor deck (view of the lake), usually pork on a cooker/smoker on weekends. Open for breakfast/coffee in the morning.
An exactly one mile walk along the shore line of the big horse shoe harbor from there takes you to the "Anchor and Wheel Inn".
Buffett every night, but not what you think. This is the real **** here!
Usually Prime Rib, Walleye (the Canadians call it Pickerel), Pickerel Senator actually, chicken and pasta. All you can eat for about $10. or $12. US.
Salad and desert included.
The Walleye comes off the commercial fishing boats that run out of Scudder. Can you say fresh??
Best I've had bar none!
Been going to this place since before it had a liquor license. Mark is the second generation owner. It is bad to the bone!!
Awesome walk both ways!!
This place is also a bed/breakfast and campground.
Also car rental. Rented a '73 Olds Vista Cruiser wagon one time and did 4 weel drifts all the way around the islands gravel roads!!
Full size van another time with a couch in the back. Drove around the outside of the island counter clockwise so we could keep the sliding door open and see the lake the whole way around
They have a clam bake/party here every season, usually late.
A 4 mile bike ride or cab ride ($8. US) to the other side of the island takes you to the other 2 bars on the island.
One has Live music every weekend in season. (across the street from the lake)
Also a newly renovated hotel.
About a 1/2 mile form there is a very nice almost new winery with a huge court yard.
Think of what you would imagine of a small farm town in about 1955.
When you walk anywhere, the few people with cars will slow down and pull off the side of the road and wave when they pass.
Almost all the roads are gravel, some are dirt, very little asphalt.
This is the perfect place to Stroh a party!
It aint PIB, or the flats etc.
You have to be into the scenery and take/make your own fun.
A lap around the island is also a blast.
9 miles by 4 1/2, do the math.
About sun set, and wind it up for a cruise. Grogeous scenery of beachs etc the whole way.
Way Cool!!
Dock help will meet you to tie up and are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
You don't have to worry about driving, because you cant!
Those of you with bigger boats, this is the perfect place for mountain bikes. (buying 2 folders this Spring)
There is a small airport also. Griffing Flying service will bring you over from Sandusky as will the Pelee Islander ferry out of Sandusky.
There is also a huge ferry that runs regular service from Leamington and Kingsville. This ferry is big enough for a tow pig hooked to a boat.
There are also some awesome rental houses on the beach.
Sorry for the book, you can probably tell this a place very dear to me.
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Old 03-28-2002, 10:09 PM
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Hey guys; If you need any help/contacts/numbers for Leamington etc. let me know. I'll help if i can.
James --Caspers is on the east side and Towle Harbour is on the west side of Sturgeon Creek, just 2 minutes from leamington to the east. That's where the scarab' new address will be.
Twin if you're into diving( i also dive) you want to call Art at Kingsville dive shop 519-733-5141, he's great. does alot of charters, and will help you with anything you might need.
James he is the one that teaches diving at the sherk complex, if you want to get into it.

Keep me informed--hopefully i'll have this project together in another month and a half.
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Old 03-28-2002, 11:07 PM
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Sounds GREAT Twin. From one Sonic owner to another, I look forward to seeing you out there. By the way, do the LEOPA Poker Run. It realy is a good time.
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Old 03-29-2002, 01:23 AM
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Default Twin O/B Sonic

What is the procedure for Canadian customs on Pelee?
Do they have a video phone or do they have someone there to check you? Do you report back to the states when you land? I want to do some Canadian crossings this year but I'd rather leave the hastle behind. With the events of 9/11 I'm wondering if things will tighten up in both directions.
The wording in your posts make it sound like a place I want to check out.
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Old 03-29-2002, 07:39 AM
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Exclamation Customs

Scudder will let you use their phone to call in. All you need is boat reg #'s, names on board, amount of alcohal (think you're allowed 1 bottle and one case per person), and how long you're staying.
Nothing going back. Go figure!
One potential issue.
In 20 yrs, only seen it happen once.
On the beach (Fish Point) it is almost un-accessible other than by boat.
Legally, if you're on the beach you need to clear customs.
Have seen customs come out by ATV and check people.
Luckily, I had already cleared bu not every one had.
They just got a warning.
More on that beach too.
We spend many nights at anchor there.
It is sand bottom, so easy to get a hook to set.
It starts as a penninsula coming off the South end of the island, maybe a 1/4 mile wide. It runs straight out into the lake almost a mile!
The last 1/2 mile it is only 50 - 100' wide, very cool!
It makes a great break wall, and unless the weather comes out of the S.E., one side is always calm.
Also with it being that long, you can always stake out your own chunck of turff.
Very easy to pull in with 1/2 dozen boats and comondere a section of beach.
Love to see some of you guys there this Summer!!
We have staying on a little ass boat down to a science for trips/weekends like this.
Fold up beach chairs, propane grill (makes awesome steak and shrimp), inflatable dinghy, snorkle equipt, etc.
You would probably want most of that to do this island right.
Especially getting to the baech early in the season.
Depending on your drives, you'll still get wet, getting to the beach. (can you say shrinkage??)
I'll try and scan and load some pictures later.
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Old 03-29-2002, 08:26 AM
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Pam and I are going to make a few trips to Canada (we are thinking Turkey Point, or Dover maybe???) this year. We should try to get a few people together and make a nice weekend of it.
Any one interested???
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