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that was a trick boat--Ron maybe is missed somthing,but i only saw one date for pt. pleasent
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Enjoy the show
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Sorry, the Brick and Seaside races are actually held in Point Pleasant. However the Seaside race will start in PP and run to Seaside. Read below.

This email was sent out to the NJ mailing list on March 11, 2002

Hello Race Fans,

The so-called winter of 2002 is almost behind us and as spring approaches only one thought comes to mind. Offshore Power Boat Racing! This year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent memory.

Over the last few years we have seen OPA (Offshore Powerboat Association) become the dominant player in our area through its affiliation with SBI (SuperBoat International). OPA is now managing the entire Northeast Division of SBI and NJ Offshore is now the official club for OPA/SBI racing in New Jersey. Hopefully that explains the three logos at the top of this page.

OPA has five races on their 2002 schedule and we need to help the three New Jersey races to be produced in a safe and efficient manner. Here is the entire OPA race schedule.


August 2, 3, 4 WASHINGTON, NC
August 14, 15, 16 POINT PLEASANT, NJ
September 6, 7, 8 NEW YORK, NY

As we get closer to the season you will be receiving specific information about each race. For now we'll just hit some of the highlights and major issues surrounding each race.

Brick Race - Divisional
On Sunday June 2nd the Township of Brick will host and sponsor the second annual running of this early season race. Last year this was an OPA/SBI national race. This year the national race has been moved to Friday August 16th in favor of this divisional race. On Saturday June 1st, the boats will be staged at Windward Beach for Boat Fest 2002. Boat Fest is a day for families to come out and meet the racers and see the boats up close. We will have a course set up on the Metedeconk River for testing during Boat Fest and the State Police will hold inspections of our volunteer boats at the pier in front of Windward Beach. On Sunday morning the boats will move next door to Wehrlend's Marina and get wet for the first time of the season. The boats will leave the Metedeconk River in a group together with the pace boats and Police escort. This parade will continue through the Point Pleasant Canal and into the ocean. Lets just hope the tide is at their back as they come through the canal. The Police say this will be an off plane parade through the canal but it should still be quite a sight for those people that live along the canal. The racecourse for this race will be the same short four-mile oval that we usually run in front of Point Pleasant Beach.

Because many of our volunteers will be enjoying the NJPPC Poker Run to Atlantic City on Saturday June 1st, we have made some special accommodations for Poker Runners who would like to participate in helping with the race on their way home from Atlantic City on Sunday. First, we have moved the start of the race from noon to 1pm to give extra time to make the run home on Sunday, and second, Poker Runners will be excused from the volunteer meetings as the flags and paperwork will be distributed via US Mail. If you will recall last year, the State Police Marine Division insisted on inspecting all of our volunteer boats prior to the race. To further accommodate Poker Runners, the State Police will be available to do inspections at their office on the Canal the weekend prior to the race, at the pier in front of Windward Beach on Saturday and on Sunday morning before the race at the Coast Guard station. We understand that things would have been easier if the race and Poker Run were not on the same weekend but hopefully these accommodations will allow our Poker Run volunteers to enjoy both events in the same weekend. And what could be better than a boat race at the end of a Poker Run?

Seaside Heights Race - Divisional
When you see the words "Seaside Heights Race" you probably think that we are once again racing in the bay by the Waters Edge restaurant. WRONG. This year we are racing in the ocean! That's right we are racing in the ocean in front of Casino and Fun Town piers.

Here is the plan. On Saturday June 22nd the boats will stage at the dry pits in Seaside Heights behind Waterworks adjacent to Casino Pier. On Sunday the boats will be moved to the wet pits at Manasquan River Yacht Club where they will be launched and sent onto the racecourse for a noon start. Now here is where it gets really different. The boats will mill in front of Jenkinsons and then take the green flag at the Start Boat stationed at the south end of the boardwalk. From there it is a 10-mile straight run to the racecourse in front of the Seaside Heights Boardwalk. The actual 4 checkpoint boats and sweep boats will be in Seaside Heights waiting for the boats to arrive. The race will end in Seaside Heights, as we will use one of the turn boats as the finish boat.

The parties before the race and the awards afterwards will be held in Seaside Heights at one of the local bars.

This should be a very interesting event, mark your calendar because we will need quite a few sweep boats for this race.

Point Pleasant Race SBI National Race
Our traditional July race has somehow exploded into a three races series that will conclude with a televised SBI National race. Many new boats have joined the SBI race series over this past winter and we are expecting a fleet of 50 boats or more for this race. The races will start at noon and you should anticipate having two separate races at noon and then 1:30 due to the number of expected boats.

This will be the traditional race Sponsored by Jenkinsons and raced in front of Point Pleasant Beach. As we did last year, this race will be run on a Friday. As you know we always ran on the third Wednesday of July, but everyone seems to like the Friday date better as it seems easier to schedule than during the week. I have a feeling that this race will remain on a Friday for many years to come.

Would you like to race with OPA/SBI?
Offshore racing is a growing sport and now it's even easier to be competitive. SBI/OPA has now made a set of rules for speed bracket racing. This new class of racing will be called "Pro/Am Racing". In Pro/Am class racing there is no rules regarding size or type of boat or engines. You simply race against other boats that have the same top speed as you do. The speed brackets are as follows.

P5 for boats with a top speed between 60 and 69 mph
P4 for boats with a top speed between 70 and 80 mph
P3 for boats with a top speed between 81 and 91 mph
P2 for boats with a top speed between 92 and 102 mph
P1 for boats with a top speed over 103 mph

This form of racing allows for a single engine catamaran to race against a twin engine V bottom in a fair fashion. Safety rules apply but not much else so if you ever wanted to race, this may be your chance.

If you're interested in finding out more about SBI/OPA racing call 732 477 7400. And as always, stay tuned to for all the latest updates and race results.

OPA runs under the SBI Rule book. See for official rules.
See ya at the races,

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2014 OPA-APBA National Champion Class 7 .Hauling Trash 725.
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Great post Ron P.

Now my Sonic 30SS with Scorpions really will be "an offshore racing boat" <ggg>.

I will be most interested in learning more about the new racing class.
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Enjoy the show
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Go to and join the mailing list. I'll keep you informed.

We just signed up four new P class boats this past week. This is fun no pressure (yeah right) racing.

I would expect the national race in August to he a big deal while the first two are warm up events for the local guys.
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It should be a great season RonP!!!

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Sharkey-What a great idea, a would be great for new comers like me to hear the tales of days gone by...I wonder if any of the sactioning bodies would give it a go...or Steve David's group...HMM...How bout it...
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Great idea!!! I know that if you attend the SBI Worlds each year you wil get to see some of the past historians of the sport. John C. has created a Hall of Fame for the Offshore Legends. I believe each year he will be inducting old timers and new timers into this Hall. Last year at the SBI Worlds I chatted with Bob Kaiser and what was really kool to me was that he actually remembered me from being such a big fan of the sport. It was really kool for me to say the least. Would be great to put something together like having invites to all the old timers of the sport. Keep me posted if anything comes out of this idea as I know I would love to attend.
Dennis P Tracey
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Hey sharky , Otto's down on the bay all the time . Don't you know him ? He has a 36 spectre and is on the board some times . He ran last years radar shoot out but I think he had a few minor bugs in the new motors or ran out of gas or something ,i forget . But he's around

Otto ,if you see this e-mail me . I want to ask you something and lost your e-mail address. Thanks ,JOE

[email protected]
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Chris Lavin and Stu Hayim will be at Skaterfest...... I'll work on D'elia....and Aitken....... There will definitely be others....... Boat Girl...... you have to come....I just had law passed in NJ and Fl. mandating your attendance.

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