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Depo coming up! 3 birds, one stone!

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Originally Posted by Marginmn View Post
Don't sweat it Gino, I've caught similar flack for leaving the toilet seat up.
in my book that is definitely a worse crime
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Originally Posted by jayhawk261 View Post
Oh, and it wouldn't be like jumping in at the dock. It would be more like driving it across the lake to another dock to pick up the inspector and getting lucky that you didn't ram it into the dock or anything else along the way because the steering broke.
I would not be like driving because that will mean that he actually used the boat and got himself and others in a dangerous situation in which he did not. He had the guns in individual carring bags. Not exposed and not wearing like a cowboy on his waist etc. Was one loaded well yes but in a carring case.The expert there to do his job didn't do it right therefore causing a huge accident. It's like if he trailered the boat to the marina (irrelevant) and once on the dock the expert there to do his job jumped in and you knoe the rest.

Hope this helps.

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I will just sick to throwing cottonballs in my glass house.

What's done is done. All anyone can do at this point is count their blessings and learn from a very bad situation that luckily didn't turn out any worse.

We can place blame all day, it dosen't change the outcome of the day in question. I blame the 3 that were injured because I have never heard of anyone getting shot at quilting convention.

Just my two cents... probably worth about one in this economy.
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Why do people always try to assign "blame?" It was an accident. If you play the blame game you can start with the old cop, then Gino, then the person who handed the guns to Gino, then the person who put the bullet in the gun, then the bullet mfg, then the gun mfg, then the person who made the gun, then the person who designed the gun, then the person who made gunpowder, ........... Maybe they should all get 1/50th of the blame if that makes people feel like some one has to be at fault. The good news is that in this "accident" no one was seriously injured.

Thanks for sharing the story Gino. If 1 person is more careful next they handle a firearm because of your experience, that may mean 1 less accident.
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Originally Posted by Westcoast View Post

Did you sell the guns?
What are you looking for BIG Daddy ???? shoot me a P.M.

good luck Gino with the Depo sorry for the Hijack
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Originally Posted by LubeJobs42 View Post
Thank you for the support. I appreciate it.

Don't waste your breath. Some people are so perfect and never do anything wrong. They are the ones that look down on the rest of us.
No problem,
Got to love the holier than thou attitude.
Make a drunk post they come out.
Crash a Ferrari they come out.
Have a gun go off they come out.

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Am I the only one on this thread that saw that Gino said that he now has a Carry permit!!! Gino given your past maybe you need to think that one out better
Put your best foot forward!
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