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Woman killed after driving car into lake

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Default Woman killed after driving car into lake

Missouri Water Patrol is under fire for not helping. Prayers go out to the victums family.


This is not the way it happened I was in the water with several other people after the car crashed into the water. There where other people in the car with her. We busted the windows out with rocks and pulled them out. Shortly after that water patrol showed up and refused to get in the water approximently 15 minutes later the Osage Beach PD and Fire Dept showed up the A fire man dove in. What I can't understand is why the Water Patrol refused to dive in when there was approximently 10 guys in the water trying to save lifes
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Shame on the Missouri Water patrol!
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Originally Posted by Magic Medicine View Post
Shame on the Missouri Water patrol!
I agree!
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Very sad, I read the other blogs I sincerely hope the accounts are not accurate, if so shame on the water patrol. It sounds like not only did they not help, but hindered and possibly made rescuing much more dangerous.
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Unhappy I feel for the family

prayers to the family sorry for your loss. lp sounds like dicks, atdlake sounds like a moron, its sad when people try to help and are called drunks by offduty and atdlake neither were in the water so thanks to those who tried to save a life. and of coarse its chaos when something like this happens. I was in a stuff back in 95 and was heading back in injured and came across a sinking bowrider that was being swamped by cruisers and sportfishers they sank as I pulled up and had to jump in after 2 kids cause there father panicked and no life jackets, long story short I got the kids in my boat and had to yell at the others 3 men to forget there fishing gear get over here before we get hit .this was at the very end of the western point of cape cod canal heavy traffic and I was the only one to stop took cc 20mins. I am now in there get out of tickets book, has worked twice already. I hope the husband can go after if its true, they should have been in the water some people have come back from a drowning after being under water 20mins mostly cold water. once again sorry for your loss. ps its nice to hear she was a DD that helped others and not a drunk like some morons posted in the other site.
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Default Interview of rescue diver.

First I would like to send my condolences to the Rambo Family. Linda was a friend of mine and she will be missed.

I wasn't there when it happened so I cannot comment on the event. I got there about an hour afterwards. I didn't know it was a friend of mine until the next day. I was angry when I heard about the actions, or lack of action by the water patrol during the rescue. It was hard for me to understand why they didn't try to do more. Read the interview with the rescue diver that I've attached. This will help you understand why the water patrol didn't attempt a rescue. If you've never been to this lake, the water is very dark in color during the day and this happened after dark. While this was a tragic accident, it could have been worse if we lost someone who acted on human nature trying to save a life. I want to commend the folks that went into the water, that was a act of bravery because you put you life at risk for a stranger.

By Esther Cho
Posted Jul 27, 2009 @ 06:28 PM


Osage Beach, Mo. — .On Saturday, July 25, Tim McNitt’s day started with him recovering a ring out of the lake.
During the evening, McNitt found himself underwater again, except this time to recover a body out of a jeep that was submerged underwater.
Linda Rambo, 54, was leaving Dog Days just before 10 p.m. that Saturday when she backed her 1993 Jeep Cherokee over the sea wall, sinking it into the lake.
McNitt said he was near Dog Days at the time when he heard about the incident.
“Once I was informed about it, I rushed there and I had my (diving) equipment with me,” McNitt said.
One thing McNitt said he wants people to realize is that without the proper diving gear, going that deep underwater means putting one’s own life at risk.
“A normal person in that situation would have been in peril, whether it was the average person, a water patrol man, even myself as diver,” said McNitt. “Without my gear, I’d be in peril and I have years and years of training.”
He said when he arrived, the situation was “indescribable” because of all the surrounding chaos from the crowd, but due to his background and training, he wasn’t distracted and knew exactly what to do.
“I’m single-minded,” McNitt said. “My task for that night was to go underwater and recover her, that’s the only thing I cared about.”
McNitt said that was the eighth time he has recovered a body from underwater.
By the time he swam deep enough to get to the vehicle, McNitt said he thinks he was about 12-15 feet underwater.
He said all of the doors were locked, but the passenger side window was open just enough to where he could stick his arm through and unlock the door. The car door windows were not broken, but McNitt said there was a “hole” on the front windshield window, which may have been the result of someone’s attempt to break the window.
While McNitt said it was a no-win situation since someone lost their life that night, he said he thinks the water patrol should be commended, not condemned, for how they handled the situation.
“The sheriff’s department, fire department, water patrol, Mid-County Fire District - everyone was doing what they do for a living and they did it well,” McNitt said. “They did what they should have done in that situation.”
McNitt, who owns Atlantis Dive and Dock Salvage LLC, said the next day his company and TowBoat U.S. focused on raising the jeep out of the lake and containing the spillage.
Editor’s note: The Osage Beach Police Department has not released any new information. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday. Preliminary findings were not available at press time.
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