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Shorty 04-01-2002 11:30 PM

Plan B - need opinions
Since I haven't had much luck trying to sell or trade the Mach, I'm thinking maybe I'd be better off going to "Plan B" and doing some upgrades. I'm real happy with the boat other than it's slower than I'd like because it's underpowered for it's weight. It's a fair amount heavier than a lot of other 29' boats.

The boat is a 29' Mach1, std 24deg v-hull, approx 6850 lbs with people, gas, & gear. Mainly will be boating at LOTO, but we want to get out to see some other places, go on a couple poker runs. I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to go. Here's the options I'm considering.

1) Leave the boat stock (454mag) and keep it for-sale till it sells, then upgrade. Downside is I'm getting the impression this may take all summer.

2) Whipple the 454mag. Speed calculator says 66mph, maybe 69mph with short drive and labbed prop. Probably the most cost effective.

3) 600hp 540. Speed calculator says 67mph, maybe 70-71 with short drive and labbed prop. I could sell the 454mag I have (140hrs) to offset some of the cost. Might not end up being that much more expensive than option #2.

4) Low hour used or rebuilt 500hp or 500efi. speed calc says low 60's. The EFI is real nice. I could whipple it later, but I'd need a drive upgrade too. Speed calc says 75, but this could be a pricey option. Re-sale might be better long term with a 500hp than option #3.

5) Go all the way. Supercharged 540ci 750-800hp, upgrade to BMAX or new IMCO xtreme SC w/ext box and hyd steering. Speed calc says could hit 80mph. By far the coolest option but definetely the most expensive. I have reservations about putting that kind of $ into this boat and have concerns about general reliability. Plus, this is probably just plain crazy.

Right now I'm kind of in a toss up between options #2 & #3.
What do you all think? Any other suggestions?

27mmLoto 04-01-2002 11:46 PM

The money you put in to go faster will take a one way trip. Most buyers of a boat like that will want stock type power so if you do upgrade with the intention of selling it someday stick with the merc stuff.
Realistically you have to decide how you want to use the boat. If you are going to trailer it than go ahead and hop it up as you can still trailer that one with a std pickup. If you want o get a place at the Lake then sell it as a longer boat will ride better on the weekends which is when you will spend most of your time there.
If you want me to decide for you I need more information.

mpally 04-02-2002 12:19 AM

I agree. If you think it is hard to sell now, image how difficult it will be to sell with 600 to 800 hp. Most people looking for a boat like that want a turn-key boat, not a boat that is a handful to take care of. I would think about lower the price a bit more and take the hit now then spend all that money and then take a big hit later. Plus, I am not sure how that boat will handle with 600-800 hp. It was just not built to have that much power in the rear. If you are going to keep it, I would do nothing more than whipple it. Just my opinion. Good luck.

puder 04-02-2002 03:05 AM

i jsut happen to be looking for a short block or long block 454. How much are you looking to get for the 454 mag???
i voted for the 540,. what is it they say?

no replacement for dispalcement......

cobra marty 04-02-2002 07:52 AM

You can lower your asking price by almost the amount of the upgrade and sell the boat for cheaper and be money ahead. There lots of great buys out there.

Cattitude 04-02-2002 11:30 AM

big boat + big power= appetite for Bravos
You'd probably be money ahead to take a beating on a trade.

You don't say whether your 454mag is EFI or not- if it is, I can vouch for the turnkey reliability of the Whipple set-up.

The reality though is that its a big, heavy, lot of wetted surface area single engine boat. The only thing keeping the Bravo alive now is that it is lower power and propped. Up the power and the prop and the Bravo just became the fuse. If you do up power facot in the cost of a drive upgrade now. good luck!:D

Shorty 04-02-2002 12:53 PM

... so far the "ask the audience" lifeline has 77% saying sell/trade instead of upgrading HP. I must say that I am somewhat surprised. It's not exactly what I expected from a high performance boat site.

I appreciate all the input VERY much and am weighing it heavily. Until now I was ready to drop some jack on a 600hp 540. It's nice to get opinions from people that are a looking in from the outside to give better perspective.


Shorty 04-02-2002 01:06 PM

Puder - I may have to throw out your vote, your opinion looks biased since you want the 454! :D At this point, I'm leaning away from that now but I'll let you know if that changes.

Cat - yes its a '99 454mag mpi. I really like fuel injection too.

27MM - yeah we do want to trailer some and I only have a halfton pickup. We currently keep it on a lift at LOTO (14mm) and I agree you can't have a big enough boat for ride quality there. It does ok, but a few more feet would make a big difference.

Cattitude 04-02-2002 02:09 PM

On the other hand??
Mach- it sounds like the boat is very much geared towards your needs exept you want more speed.

You want to visit other places and it's about as big as you can go towing with your 1/2 ton truck.

The 24 deep v and weight is as good as you're foing to get in that size range at LOTO

If It's a 99 boat (making a leap because it's a 99 mag efi) than trading/selling is very difficult as you are competing with new boat financing and assuming you took care of it there is not much to gain in terms of available new technology, lack of wear & tear etc.

It sounds like you'd be happy to keep her if only the speedo needle swept a little further. Upping the power may make sense. In that case I would strongly consider the Whipple option. There would be less labor (No engine pulling and rigging), could be done by a competent do it yourselfer, could later be returned to stock for resale, retains efi reliability, a little more power than the big cube NA route, it's relativle efficient at cruise (boost bypassing, minimal extra load on engine either), I could go on.

Anything more than the power you have- I would start with an XZ or XR upper as a minimum. You could likely do the whole thing for close to 10K assuming you shopped around and did the work yourself, 15k if you got a little more spendy. I'm in NW AR if you want to check out an installation etc. Good luck!


Niuhi 04-02-2002 02:21 PM

I'm with Puder and I don't want the 454 as I already have one I wish I didn't have. The 540 is set up better for the HP where as the 454 blown (unless you tear it apart) isn't. I'm probably going to get slammed for this, but I personally wouldn't have a problem buying something like that with a 540. Putting anything more in though may be a headache.

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