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Powerboat P1 Goes Green - Clean Start in Sweden

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Default Powerboat P1 Goes Green - Clean Start in Sweden

Powerboat P1 announced that its race and support boats will be powered by environmentally-friendly fuel supplied by Gothenburg, Sweden-based fuel-specialists, Aspen, at the Scandinavian Grand Prix of the Sea in Gothenburg, Sweden on August 7-9. This action is aligned with the Union Internationale Motonautique’s (UIM) stance on promoting environmentally-friendly behaviors and technologies,

The Aspen+ alkylate petrol, which is synthetically produced and used in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC), avoids using dangerous substances such as benzene, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons. Aspen+ reduces pollution discharges into the water and emissions into air, as well as keeping petrol content cleaner; Aspen+ crucially reduces the formation of ground-level ozone (smog) by more than 50%.

Aspen’s alkylate petrol, which has 99% fewer harmful toxins compared with ordinary petrol, includes around 0.1 % aromatic hydrocarbons compared to around 35 % in ordinary petrol, and produces less fumes, odor and soot build-up in the combustion chambers.

Recent testing at Cosworth’s automotive base in Northamptonshire, Powerboat P1’s vendor for race boat engine testing, reported a positive outcome and Powerboat P1 Chairman and CEO Asif Rangoonwala sees this step as an environmental breakthrough for the World Championship. “This is a landmark day for Powerboat P1!” he stated, “Within motorsport there is increasing sensitivity to the environment and Powerboat P1 is committed to developing a corporate environmental policy and implementing effective programs as an integral part of our business strategy. Having Aspen fuelling our powerboats and support fleet in Sweden provides evidence that we are sensitively working towards protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources.”

Powerboat P1 Scandinavian Grand Prix of the Sea promoter Mario Hytten echoed Rangoonwala’s sentiments, adding: “We would like to think that in two-three years time all of the Powerboat P1 World Championship races will run on ethanol fuels. It would be great to look back and realize: This all started at the Havets Grand Prix in Gothenburg in 2009.”

Since its foundation in 1988, Aspen has developed a strong client portfolio across 15 countries, selling over 100 million litres worldwide. Mats Uhrlander, Aspen’s Nordic Sales & Marketing Manager, fully supports Rangoonwala’s vision for Powerboat P1, adding: “This is a new venture for Aspen. Working with Powerboat P1 has given us the opportunity to reduce pollution by up to 300 times in Gothenburg’s waters. It also provides a great challenge for Aspen to show that the Aspen+ alkylate environmentally-friendly fuel goes hand in hand with top racing performance.”

“There are a lot of exciting plans for 2010–-new venues, new teams and new partners,” added Rangoonwala, “I hope that by bringing Aspen on board for our first visit to Scandinavia illustrates how serious we are about building towards a greener, more sustainable future.”

About Aspen

Aspen develops, markets & distributes fuels with unique benefits, which reduce the negative effects for people, machines and the environment. Gothenburg based Aspen is a niche company in a market dominated by a few multinationals and maintains its position thanks to a high level of innovation and strong environmental involvement.

The environmentally adapted fuels are based on alkylate petrol, and Aspen is currently the market leader in the environmentally adapted fuels sector. The fuel products are developed in close cooperation with engine manufactures and research institutes, which further enhances Aspen´s leading role.

Aspen controls the entire flow, from purchasing raw materials via in-house production to deliveries to customers. This guarantees the highest level of quality and the best possible service. By co-operating with leading distributors, the fuels business area supplies sales agents throughout the EU.

Since 2006 Aspen is owned by Lantmännen, one of Scandinavia's largest groups within food, energy and agriculture.
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