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48' MTI vs 46' Skater Drag Race/Lake Ozark Shootout!

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Default 48' MTI vs 46' Skater Drag Race/Lake Ozark Shootout!

More info is to follow but here is the short version:

For the first time in the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout history a two boat drag race has been approved. There will be a total of three passes (two on Saturday and one on Sunday). Both Boats will run at the same time side by side on the 400' wide course. The two boats that have been picked by the Shootout committee are:

48' MTI equipped with two top secret Sterling engines driven by Bob Bull/CMS and throttled by Randy Scism/Marine Technology Inc.

46' Skater equipped with four Mercury Racing 1,000HP's driven by Matthew Smith/Performance Boat and throttled by Bob Morgan/Bad Moon Risin'

Bob Morgan said he has been trying to get the Shootout to do this for over 15 years and is extremely excited that it is finally going to happen. More info on this will be online soon. For information about the 2009 Lake Ozark Shootout visit the official Shootout site at

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MTI vs. Skater..... could be very interesting! I assume this is a true drag race and the boats will not be on plane? I wouldn't think BMR could get up and go in 1 mile.
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Bull should have the weight advantage so I say MTI wins 2 out of three.
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that 4 wheel drive is tough out of the turns/short run and last week the trannies were out of the mti
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The one with the engines that blows up in 140 seconds instead of the one with the engines that cato's in 120 seconds will win...

To me this doesn't mean much, it is more of a drag race of which a bunch of little boats that race every weekend in Drag boat competition could eat those big rigs up on that lake, even if it's a mile.

Give me a race like Miami - Bimini - Miami or around some Island like Malta that they do in P1 or Class 1 in Europe then you'll get my attention.

We just got done yanking all the nitrous oxide braided line out of Drambuie from it's last time it was in the water running at the shootout before I got it, a lot of hardware for 45 seconds...

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This should be really fun to watch.
Of course I am going say MTI all the way.
At first I thought the Skater may have an advantage with for wheel pulling, but I think the additional weight will be more that offset that. Not to mention this MTI also beat the Geico MTI in the kile a few weeks back. I think that tells alot about the potential of this boat.
Should be fun to watch either way.
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My vote is the Skater.
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nice to see Bob back at the shootout
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its a tuff one skater, I know jerrys 46 hooks up quick with the turbines and 37 1/2p 5 blades. are both running #6 drives ?? bobs boat would be easier on the drives at 1000hp each and the mti being 1500 or so that will be tuff on the sixes. well best of luck to both. but come on skater!!!!

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flying start? MTI

standing start? Skater (Bob has more props and more spare parts to break )

Top Gun? Mystic.
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