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What works best to remove ring around around boat from river

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Default Leverage ?

Originally Posted by Jassman View Post
Ringo is better..but read the ingredients... Acid and gelcoat do not mix well over the long haul.. Yes, a quick fix, and even after waxing with a carnauba based product like someone mentioned above... the yellowing will come back. Gelcoat must be neutralized first. Use a good salt/soap remover and then followed up with the Leverage polymer sealer which has the longest lasting results.


The fiberglass soap and salt deposit remover can also be used in flushing your motors out guys, thats also what we designed it for. Remember one cap from the 32OZ bottle is all that is needed to clean a 32' boat. Extremely cost effective, Very low suds, and then leaves a clean shiny protected surface. The polish the majority of you on here know how it works. Thanks Jeff
Jassman - what's the difference between the "Stain Remover & Hull Cleaner" and the "Soap and Salt Deposit Remover?" I've got a stain around the bottom of mine and have been hesitant about using some of the harsher products. Boat only sees fresh-water and I really don't want to re-wax 38' of hull everytime! Any suggestions on which would be better? Thanks. SM
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Default I must have gotten sucked in to an inside joke...

I followed the recommendation to use "The Works" because I had some in the house.

BAD move. The bottom gel is forever etched now. Wax does not want to buff off, major swirls, no shine what so ever.

Also stupid on my part for not testing a smaller area. Fortunately it is only on the bottom.

Highly recommend against the acids.

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