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The true cost of my boat

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Am apt to agree with Ron P ... were is this headed..? We certainly have to keep the family unit happy.... and sacrifices must always be made on both sides..... I do feel for anyone that has to buy thier enjoyment twice once for the toy and once for the guilt.
I do not have that problem ( thankfully) but i will say, anyhitng i have ever been involved in while in a relationship has included my lady... be it : guns, bikes hot rods, boats ect.... we make purchases and purchase decisions together... hell she normally orders and recieves all our parts..but in the same token i must maintain the same enthusiasm for things she is excited about..I dunno..... it's working for me.....with todays economic trials and pitfalls i am just happy we can afford to do much of anything let alone spend near countless dollars playing with the boat or whatever..... anyhow... just rambling here .....

by the way she says .. "yea what he says "
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Im lucky ,I dont get much flak about the boat at all, by and large
my Donna enjoys it very much, after all she gets to ride in it, suntan, go swimming, stop at sandbars and nice little waterside restaraunts etc etc.......But the biggest reason for no no BS about the boat is because she is TERRIFIED of the alternative.............A SPRINT CAR!!!!!.........1200lbs and 800hp, Oh yeah baby!!!!! she knows I could sell the boat and go back racing in a heartbeat.....after all, what could be more fun for her than driving hundreds of miles every weekend just to pull up to some hot dusty old racetrack and sit in lawnchairs and make sandwiches all weekend while Im out having a blast, standing on the gas and backing it into turn one at 140, then pull off the track and say "Hey honey, did you see how AWESOME I just was!!......isnt this FUN!!!"..........she'll take the boat!!!
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twinn29 pretty much summed it up! Great strategy for the married guys .... the only one that works better is being SINGLE!!!!

Oh and the four C's? Cut, Clarity Color and Can I have the earings, bracelet, necklace and Cartier too?!!

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Truth is, this isnít a big thing to me. I just thought we could have some fun with it and I was hoping to get the ladies of the board involved. I actually love buying my wife stuff. She gets all excited and it reminds me of how fortunate I am. Plus, thereís this really cool silver CL600 I have my eye on and Ö. Damn, there I go again.
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No offense to your significant other, but did you guys ever think that maybe you hitched to the wrong woman? My wife loves our boat and when I told her that I might sell it, she had a fit and said absolutely NOT! Unless I replace it with a better one!

OK, she has her Carats, nice watch, water front house, fast car, etc. but she contibutes "substantially" to the household income.
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