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And the deal falls thru!!!!  G-Dam# Fuck%$@ used car salesman!!!! >

And the deal falls thru!!!! G-Dam# ****%$@ used car salesman!!!!


And the deal falls thru!!!! G-Dam# ****%$@ used car salesman!!!!

Old 04-03-2002, 11:57 PM
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NEVER make a deal based on monthly payment! If the first thing they ask you is "What do you want to pay per month" RUN!!!

All deals should be based on the cost/price of the new/trade in. The monthly payment thing is a trap.

The finance person gets a cut of your loan. They will try and scam a higher interest rate EVERYTIME.

If your beacon is below 700 then you don't have as much bargaining power but you can still be an educated consumer.

Look over the contract carefully. Look for things like admin, handling or document fees. Make sure they do not try and charge you for SPECIAL financing. If you have questionable credit they will try and take advantage of you by putting these kinds of fees in the contract.

Once you get past the salesman you think everyone is on your side... HA!! The fun BEGINS when you step into the finance office!

I am sure there are honest places that don't take too much advantage of people....just realize they are in this to make money!

Good luck!!

Oh and I agree ... Go for the PSD!!!! I just bought one and it ROCKS!!
Old 04-04-2002, 01:50 PM
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you didn't need no stinkin running boards anyway. your suppose to have to jump into a truck. Isn't that on our cool boater's list.

turn right out of work Friday and go check ou the red and the blue Chevy ext cabs down bluestar. don't know thier miles though.

I may get home from SEMA early, maybe back to holland as early as 4:00pm. get ready to sled your butt off!!!!!!! can't wait.

where else can we snowmobile and boat in the same month (AT THE SAME ELEVATION) for those from California

26SCARAB you going to Mitches?

See ya Friday Mike
bring CD's its a long ride.........
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Old 04-04-2002, 02:34 PM
Brad Perry
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Fever500 hit the nail on the head!!! EVERY used car dealership wants to know what you will pay a month. That is not in your interest. Neither is letting him know how bad you like the vehicle. I had a similar situation long time ago when I finally got through to the finance guy to sign the paperwork and noticed that the interest rate had gone up a 1/4 of a point. I thought about it and finally stopped and gave him a speech about how it was not the 1/4 of a point, but the principle and how it was probably not his fault....blah blah blah. He turned around mumbling something about reducing it to a rate that he couldn't make a living at... and bam, it went down a 1/4 of a point with his penstroke! That told me a lot! I get my own financing from now on and have a price in my head before I go shopping. Notes mean nothing in the big picture!

Good luck, and hold out for what you want!
Old 04-04-2002, 02:56 PM
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Sorry to hear of your troubles amigo.
I've bought 2 used cars from dealers, and each time it was a nightmare. I've had so much better luck buying from private individuals than dealerships. I go get my own financing, and in Illinois you pay a sales tax if you buy from a dealer. If you buy from a private party, it's a flat fee, not even based on the purchase price!
And while I don't like to stereotype people...I've yet to run into a really decent car salesman yet. But that's just MY experince with them.
Good luck...and be patient!
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Old 04-04-2002, 04:36 PM
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Out of the last three vehicles I have purchased new, one went very smoothly and the other two were headaches. The difference is that I had my own financing arranged for the one deal that went smoothly. The problems that I had were not with the salemen, but with the financing guys. They will change the terms that you agree to and not tell you that the terms have changed. When you notice something is wrong, they will act like everything is standard and that they wrote up the same deal that you agreed to. What I have found is that they usually stick in extra service fees and loan insurance and crap like that, which all add up to 1-2k additional. I will always get my own financing for a vehicle in the future.

Good luck!!

PS: Don't know how credible this is so take it with a grain of salt, but one of my coworkers used to install phone systems for businesses and he told me that several car dealerships had him install the phones so that they could listen to people when the sales guy was "speaking with his manager". I always talk about what a piece of crap the vehicle is when the sales guy is gone just in case they're listening
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Old 04-04-2002, 07:53 PM
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You guys are taking this way too serious. I look forward to the used car buying event. You must make a game out of it. A competition if you will. You must set your situation before hand such that you do not need the vehicle, or their deal. I am in the drivers seat through the whole negotiation. It might take me six months, but I never take a screwing. I go in trying different negotiating tactics, just to see what works. There are like twelve of them. It is always fun to see what tactic the sale guy thinks will work on me. It is actually a blast if you are in the proper frame of mind for it. I am always the one upping the ante at signing time. I've got up and walk away from a 35k deal at signing because they wouldn't throw in car mats. Sometimes they call to kiss my ass the next day, sometimes not. I hope they do, so I can ask for seat cover too, but if they don't there are many more deals to be made. You must be in a position and frame of mind that it is fun and you don't give a **** about anything but having FUN! Sorry Packinair, I'm probably your nightmare because you are probably a good salesguy. Most are not though and I error on my side with all of them. I have a much harder time buying a boat though.

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Old 04-04-2002, 08:45 PM
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I'm a nonparticipating partner in a used car dealership. I hasve learned a great deal about both sides of the coin just by observing. My partner is as honest as the day is long. He is a no-pressure guy and has a no-pressure (yet helpful and accomodating) sales staff. He loses sales by the truckload to customers who stop by the high-pressure lot up the street. The high-pressure lot SELLS people cars, more times than not by bullying them or fasttalking them into something that doesn't suit their needs. The high-pressure guy will tell them anything to get them to sign on the line. My partner loses a lot of business to the other guy, but always gets them the second time around. Nobody wants to buy twice from the other guy.

What I have learned, though, about car financing is that there are several factors that can and do affect the interest rate and loan duration on a vehicle. Beacon score is one factor (over 700 and you should have no trouble getting financing). The year model of the vehicle affects the interest rate and also the maximum duration of the loan (newer model years can be financed for a longer period of time). Many times, it really IS necessary to know what a buyer's maximum monthly payment ceiling is, by not knowing this, if a vehicle needs an extra year on the loan term to get the payments inline for the buyer, sometimes it is actually helpful to find a vehicle a year NEWER to get the payments down. Granted, from a buyer's perspective, you are usually better off getting your own loan and then shopping on price alone. HOWEVER, if your credit score is only "fair", then the dealer may be able to leverage his relationship with his regular lender to get a buyer financed on a loan he might not have access to on his lonesome.

A finance guy will always want to make a backside point, but many times, a dealer will sell the loan at "net" to make a sale on a vehicle that needs to move. A vehicle in inventory can only sit for so long on the lot before it needs to "move". The inventories are on floorplans and interest is being paid out (either actually, or theoretically). Vehicles have times of the year when they are worth "more" and "less" but the overall result is a depreciating product. It cannot sit there indefinitely. There are honest guys out there. There are also guys who dont play crappy games.

Find a good guy local to you and let him add what you want to his wish list. He will want to make a grand or so on the deal, but he has access to vehicles at wholesale, whereas you do not.

Good luck.
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Old 04-04-2002, 10:05 PM
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Mike, Sorry to hear the bad news. I hate salesmen like that. He is a loser if he tells you one thing and then blames it on the finance guy when he can't live up to his word. I agree with everyone that said you should get your own financing before you go shopping. Everyone likes and listens to people with CASH! Car salesman waste a lot of time on people that can't get financing. Find one that perks up when you say you don't need financing, that you will pay cash! They are out there. Someone like that is likely to bend over backwards to please you because he knows the deal won't fall through at the last minute. Shop for money first, then go truck shopping. Good luck! At least you still have the Dodge to pull the 'foul.
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Old 04-04-2002, 10:51 PM
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I have been tryin so hard to find a nice 250/350 ford crew cab shortbed 1999 - 2000 without paying a "new price". found the nicest salespeole in Canada!!!
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Old 04-05-2002, 06:05 AM
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I, would'nt deal with classic again if they gave me a truck, if thats who it is.
sorry about the hard time those clowns gave ya.
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Quick Reply: And the deal falls thru!!!! G-Dam# ****%$@ used car salesman!!!!

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