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GM Small Blocks: LS9 & LSA

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Originally Posted by Smarty View Post
It has been a while, but I thought you might like this LS S/C from Keith Eickert/Don Onken

LS block, 415, 675 hp, Vortech supercharger. I do not know the cost, but the it looks pretty dam good.

"The new generation 675 is here. The same performance and reliability as the 575 “Super Mouse”, but with the added boost from a Vortech Twin Screw Supercharger! Experience the fun of trouble free boating from Lightning Performance Group!" - quote from the website:

Looks nice.
But i'm sure for the same $, i could have ZUL(and definitely JC) build me some. Those are probably the same cost as some Ilmors.
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Originally Posted by Stormrider View Post
Looks nice.
But i'm sure for the same $, i could have ZUL(and definitely JC) build me some. Those are probably the same cost as some Ilmors.
$31K, one year warranty, less exhaust. I am still dreaming of that twin engine 27'-32' small block hot-rod in the future. Maybe someday....
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Originally Posted by Raylar View Post
Right Here Now!
Both of these GM engines are in question now even for sales for car applications and even marine use will be a problem if you need the 500 ft/lbs of torque since the engines would be in boost all the time to deliver those numbers. This is the real reason Raylar & Mercury opted not to use or develop marine engines based on these smaller cubic inch supercharged engine platforms. Small cubic inch engines no matter how light in weight that can't deliver big torque numbers without boost are just small blocks of limited power and if they are in boost all the time to deliver these higher torque numbers, they are not going to live in marine high performance use no matter how COOL they look or sound!


This is why Raylar developed the LSM550 in a 434cu.inch size normally aspirated in an all aluminum version that is fresh water cooled and delivers over 500 ft/lbs of torque from 3800 to 5400 rpms.
This is the torque and power that is needed in performance boats and is what variable cam timing in a bigger inch aluminum small block can deliver. The only real problem for Raylar at this time with this motor is no one seems to have the money to buy new engines of this type in this economy so we'll just have to wait for the recovery?? If you've got the dollars, we've got the answer and the engine!

You guys figure out how to get a 365cubic inch or so small block to make 500ft/lbs of torque OUT OF BOOST and we'll start making them as quickly as we can!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar

Torque is torque, for sure, but what about with light boats?

We have small light boat with only 3.400 lb completted, but with out of engine bobtail. It mean arround 4.500 lb with big block. Boat have pad keel and ride smoth.
With light LS3 engine will have probably less than 4.200 lb.
Please oppinion about repowering with:
- Marine Power engine LS3
- Kodiak Marine 6,2 V8 VVT DI(L86)
- Ilmor OPS 6,2L (Or new eddition.)

Our goal it is maximum speed arround 70-75 mph and travel speed 35-40 mph. 90% or more ride will be by travel speed and per year we will do maximum 50 working hours.

What to do? Big block or one of this small blocks?
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Would small block LS3 with 400+ HP work good on 4.200 lb boat, or better to buy big block?
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Your writing implies English is second language. Your location and what is available and has parts availability is a bigger concern than 150 lbs more or less in the back of your boat.
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In fact, english is my fifth language and unfortunately I have no time to learn it better. (Best buisenes happen in other part of world at the moment and this languages I learn.) Sorry but hopefully will somebody want to understand my question.

I do not understand why is this few thousands miles problematic for spare parts? In radius of 100 miles we have at least 5 sellers which sell wake boats with LS3 engines and I talk with them in my first and seccond language, but they are sellers with zero experiences about motorisations.
Never the less we send spare parts for our products in time in China, South Korea and even in Salt Lake City. I do not understand why should be trouble if I ask somebody from your country to send me rubber pipe by DHL.

Back on my question.
It is not all only in few pounds. I understand, big block is in some way heritage of USA, but I look on this iron cube like on T-Rex, sorry. LS3 or DI(L86) look much, much more sofisticated and in compare with 8,2 is like F16 compared with P47. Both excelent but not in same time.
I know, torque is wery important and I do not have experiences how much torque need arround 4.200 lb heavy boat with 400 hp. On this forum is lot of expert and please try to understand my english and I kindly ask for constructive answer.
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