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OT: Any Georgia OSO'ers represented by Cynthia McKinney?

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I wish I was in her district so I could help get rid of her !!! This is one of the main reasons our system was not set up to have carrer politions. As for the other crap, this is the greates country in the world, where her citizens can speak there mind, and complain about what they don't like, and actually take action about it. Unfortunately most of the people who love to *****, and point the finger don't do anything about it. The way I see it, love it, make it better, or LEAVE.
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sorry guys.....I don't call the shots in this country....I can only watch things unfold as a outsider...I would not send those checks if I was president thats for sure...

Redwarlock...How am I a "conspiracy buff"...Arafat is a terrorist ...and we send him 75 million a year.what do you think he does with that money..??..Build schools and house the poor or feed the hungry.??...No he sets up camps to train for more terror attacks...And orders large shipments of weapons from Iran..And "takes care" of the bombers families...Yes money well spent...but that check will always come..And the Israelies for gods sake was sending thier stockpile of weapons to Iran (to be replenished by the Americans) during the Iran Contra operation...And they are suprised when some of this stuff ends up on a ship headed for Arafat this year...?

Look guys ..these aren't my views...just what has happened and what is taking place...I wish I could make the government make all the right choices but I can't...If McKinney wants to say this about the President then she better make with some evidence quick...Cause for right know nobody is behind her...When truman dropped the two A-bombs some people will have you belive that the war was winding down and might have ended soon without the bombs but the US wanted to show the bombs to the world and come away from the war as the only superpower so they did it anyway...on innocent people on top of it...What the real truth is .....I don't know enough to know for sure...The point...Our government is willing to do very evil things to meet certain objectives...(see Iran Contra rant)...And anything is possible nowdays...
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Smile Supercrash...

I didn't say that you were, I was just asking IF you were. I find the majority of your post "interesting" to say the least. I myself, as stated, like to play "devils advocate" from time to time. And it seems to me that you don't mind ruffling a few feathers to get your point across. I'm not being judgemantal, so don't take it that way, just curious...

"I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend with my life your right to say it"!
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SC, you do bring up some other points of is fun to banter with you...Really
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