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OT: Anybody work at an Acura dealer?

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Despite the extra HP that Acura has they are slower. The 330Ci in 5 speed is 0-60 in 6.0 and the Type S is upper 6.9 (ESTIMATED to be 6.5 with the new manual). The 3 series has been on the world's 10 best list for over 10 years for a reason. When push comes to shove you are right that the BMW cost more but what are you really paying for over the Acura? As a proud owner, I'll tell you what I see from my perspective. You mentioned the name and that is one thing. But what's in a name... Cigarette, Fountain, Formula, Skater, etc.? I think the most important item to me is luxury and convenience. For one thing, when I take my vehicles in for service (when it needs it and so far that has only been for scheduled maintenance), EVERYTHING is paid for AND I get another bimmer to drive while I am inconvenienced. Acura does NOT offer that even if you buy an NSX! You're right about parts costing more... BUT I'll never be paying for service or maintenance in the 4 or less years that I own the car so that is not an issue to me. Also, I don't live anywhere near snow so why would I care about winter handling (PS - they're made in Germany where there is plenty of snow and the rest of the world doesn't seem to have any complaints)?

*Auto adjust seat is standard with the Lux pkg (it also includes auto adust mirrors, auto dimming mirrors, and 3 person memory that also includes the auto climate control and radio adjustments).
*Acura Xenon sucks in comparison to the industry leader and 1st to install in a car back in 1990 when Acura was born.
*Learther is included in the Lux pkg (not extra)

When it comes down to it, it is all a matter of personal choice just like boat owners. Some own Cigarettes and Fountains but are they just paying for a name??? I would argue that they are not and the same would hold true for the two items that we are comparing. Since I have driven both and own one I feel that my personal choice was the best. Best of luck to you on your decision and remember enjoy it because that's what matters most.
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Look this thread isn't a pissin contest between Acura and ____

I really like the car, but want to get the problem fixed.

I just drove to my parents house about 6 mile away. After airing out the hot air from sitting, I drove with the auto climate control set to 68-70. The temp in the car got down to 91.4. It was cooler outside the car than inside. The air from the ac averaged 49 degrees by my digital theremometer.
Something is not right, but Acura says no problem found.

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I got your pissin' contest right here Rip... LOL
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The dealership experience means so much and dealers seem to pay so little attention to it. We looked at an Acura Integra ant hen a TL last year and really liked the cars and the dealership. It was just a stand alone Acura dealer. We decided to keep my wife's POS Oldsmobile Intrigue for another year, and the headaches continued. The car was in for warranty service at least 8 times (usually for multiple problems) in the 3 years we had it and EVERY SINGLE TIME, we got dicked around. "Yes it's covered, but we can't get to it for 3 days and you can't have a loaner car because it's a driveable condition, even though the windows are stuck down and it's supposed to rain...BLAH BLAH BLAH. No we couldn't replicate the noise that you hear every time you start the car..." The last time it went in I was lied to 3 times in 5 minutes by the moron service advisor. I see why the division is going away, but I've seen the same thing at Ford, Mercury and Chevy dealerships too. So we looked recently at the Camry, Accord, Maxima, and then my wife found "the" car. An Infinity G20 Sport 5 speed. Not a whole lot of guts, but a nice car with a great dealership. 4 year 60K mile bumper to bumper warranty, and we will always have a loaner car. They also had an offer where you pay $150 at any time, and they will do oil changes for life. Call 1-2 weeks ahead and schedule it and they will have a loaner waiting when you drop it off, schedule 2-3 weeks ahead and they will pick it up, change the oil, and return it washed. For as long as we own the car. Christine's response to that was "Where do I sign." We bought the Intrigue as a long term car that our son could drive when he turned 16, but we thought it wouldn't last another year. Absolute POS. The dealership was everything this time, and we can get discounts thru family and work for the big 3 and about 5 imports. I'll always have an American truck, but it was just time to give someone else a chance not to screw us on a car.

I am suprised that you're having trouble with an Acura dealer though. I heard a while back that Honda Dealers will blow you, but Acura dealers swallow...
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Angry Acura-a/c

Did Not Work At Acura Dealer,But Did Work At New Car Dealer
Sounds Like Your T.X.V. Valve Is Sticking,OR The Temp Probe
Positoned.2nd Could Be The Controll Head.Call And Get The
800 Number To Acura To Find A Better Dealer.
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Default While I understand this is not a pissingcontest between acura and bmw,,

The bimmer is a great car,,, BUT,,, when I said this was extra and that was extra,, I meant that you had to buy the LUXURY package to get this and the Performance package to get that.. Well, on the acura,, its standard and NOTHING IS EXTRA.. while BMW charges 2,500 for lux. pack. and 1,500 for perf. pack.

I don't own either one ( YET ) so I am not biased toward BMW or Acura, but a fully loaded CL-S out the door for 3,100 compared to a fully loaded 330I for 3,800,,,, JUST DOESENT MAKE SENSE.. Your not getting anything for your money,,, except a blue and white propeller... In fact, you are getting LESS...
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