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Buyers beware .....Same old story !

Old 04-20-2002, 10:12 PM
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That makes alot more sense. Like I said, $1500 for shipping, with 3 $500 increases, "something doesn't sound right". Appearantly because the original post has been misleading.

Glad you were able to clearify things T. Crockett, but then again, sorry you had too!

I vote for deleting this thread now.
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Old 04-21-2002, 09:36 AM
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Exellant point Troutly.
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Old 04-21-2002, 11:14 AM
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tyler, most of us that know you and your great reputation ,really knew that things didn't add up with this post, unfortuneatly you had to defend your reputation ,but the cream does come to the top!! keep up the good work!
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Old 04-21-2002, 11:26 AM
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Two sides to every story and an excellent reputation remains intact.

Maybe next time as Mr. Crockett stated....a simple phone call.

Let's try resolving these things BEFORE posting...just a thought!
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Old 04-21-2002, 11:56 AM
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Tyler- Good move coming on the board and giving your side of the parts counter before it got too out of hand.........Now, were you aware of the OSO rule that any registered member must be available to answer the technical questions of any fellow OSO brother 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so help you god?....Its part of the OSO bruthahood......!!!
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Old 04-21-2002, 12:22 PM
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Thumbs up

Welcome to the board Tyler. Your reputation preceeded you! Glad you had a chance to respond.
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Old 04-21-2002, 01:00 PM
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Tyler , I had no intentions of posting your name till things were resolved between you and the buyier . All I ment by it was to show people to make sure of what they buy before they buy it .It was not ment to bash you . I beleive you have a good reputation . Maybe I should have not said your name YET .

My name is JOE ,and I did infact talk to you and set the hole thing up for Grant . (Then Grant called you to finalize the deal ).I will post my phone bill if you like . I talked to you PERSONALY . I told you exactly what he wanted : 2 good blowers with single carb set up , 2 sets of new exhaust ,and ANYTHING else he needs to make it work . You said you recomend water cross overs and that they sell for $275 each motor . I assumed they would be new . THats my fault I geuss because they were NOT new . You told me the blowers had 3 hours on them now you say 0 hours? You said the guy put them on with no hatches, drove it a couple hours and his wife wouldn't let him cut the hatches so he had to remove the blowers ! YOu don't remeber telling me this ? While I was on the phone with you ,you said you were standing right next to the box ,looking at every thing and you specifcaly stated the flame arresters were in there too . YOu told me they were from MRD and you also told that to Grant later. I can see when things go wrong and you try to make good by sending something that will work to get by . But there was no mension that these were on loan . What about the fuel pumps ? HE requested 2 new holley marine high flow fuel pumps . He got 1 and some other no name brand that wasn't even high volume . Why didi you do this ?Fuel is not something to play with on a blower motor . Since it took a few days for you to pack it I'm sure you could have got 2 matching pump. don't you ? Or was that a loaner too ??

You also told me you had exhaust in stock . Thats fine if you didn't but you never mensioned the OTHER $500+ to ship the exhaust from Eddie marine direct ! Grant also asked for EVERYTHING needed to do the job .And he did ask for complete gaskets . THere were none . Why not ? I don't know if the carbs were the same "new / 3 hours " or not but they were in very bad shape . Very dirty and coroded .
I am sorry for exaderating the price of shipping at $1500. You charged him over $500 + the $150 still on the bill ,Then eddie marine charged another $500+ ! You didn't mension that before hand . We assumed ,because you said , you had it all in stock and didn't expect another charge on top . SO it was probably around $1300 for shipping . I agree overnight was added but the $1300 is along way from "about $500 " you stated . Thank you for the "loan" of the air cleaners .I am sure he will be happy to return them . The original price was suposed to include them . MAtching ones we assumed .Will there be a discount for them not being included now ? What about the fuel pumps ? Are they on loan too ? Will he return them for the right ones ? And do you get $275 for used or new water cross overs ? As for the hard ware , I don't know what to say as it was not there . Was it in a different box maybe that got lost in shipping ?

I do apologize for exaderating on the shipping .Forgive me .
As for the rest .Thats the facts ! You even said 2 different things in your post . First they had 3 hours on them then you said they had 0 hours ! Do you deny sending the wrong fuel pumps ? Do you deny sending used crossovers ? Do you agree that those carbs were not close to new or even 3 hours ? Do you still deny talking to me ? And yes ,You finalized the deal with Grant not me because I wanted no part of it . (And wish I had not been involved but he asked me to .)I was there with him and herd the conversation . In a way I regret posting this . Only because Grant had not tryied to resolve it yet and I would like to see your response to him first . Although it would be the same as it is to me obviously .
As soon as everyone sees my reply and gives you a chance to state your reply to my quesions and coments ,I will delete this post . All I did was state the facts ! I am sure anyone here would be upset if they had this happen to them . I am not bashing you or your rep. But it realy surprised me that a man in your place would let this type of thing slip out the door as is .

PLease reply to this if you would to clear up eveyones mixed feelings right now on you and I . Please let me and everyone know if I have stated ANYTHING not true .. Then this post will go away . Thanks , Joe

PS . if there is any more quesion about what was sent right or wrong ,I will post pictures of everything received and my phone bill if needed . Thank you , Lets end this quickly .
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Old 04-21-2002, 01:10 PM
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Sorry I forgot to finish my first paragraph . The only reason I let the name out was that my e-mail was swamped with people wanting to know who it was and some were very upset I didn't say the name to forwarn them as they were about to do buisness in that area . I felt it was a fair thing to do on everyones behalf . I only state the facts .I went no farther .

PS. Tyler ,I did contact a mutual friend of yours and mine that I beleive works for you or with you or something like that . I am sure you know who I mean . I may have been out of line to do so but I just wanted to know if he knew anything about it that would clear it up . When I told him "MY " side , he was shocked too . He wantd to talk to you about it . I herd nothing back .Of course there are always 2 sides to the story . But please let me and everyone know if I have not stated the facts here . Or if I have made a mistake with part of it .

Thanks ,JOE
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Old 04-21-2002, 03:27 PM
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You are right about trying to work things out before posting. Unfortunately emotions are high when dealing with large amounts of cash. The board is a great way to vent.

It's bad when you need to record every phone call that deals with business. Boot's post should teach us to be suspect of all business dealings. I guess we need pictures, legal contracts, etc. It is a shame it has come to this. I have heard many people praise Tyler Crockett. We are all human and we all make mistakes. What we are trying to communicate doesn't always get across. These are some MAJOR differences.

I know there are two sides to every story and hope Tyler can make another response. I hope you guys can come to a mutual agreement. Keep us posted. We need to know when someone is taken advantage of.

Thanks for posting this,
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Old 04-21-2002, 07:48 PM
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I wondered why the fuel pumps,crossovers & Carbs were not addresed in the Co.s reply ? One of the great things about this board is finding out who is fair & square. If you look at the amount of views of this page........I think lots of others want to here "the Rest Of The Story".
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