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Jet Skis BANNED on Fire Island! - Your Tax Dollars at Work

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mattyboy...after reading your gave me a different view of PWC's. Yes, I "have" been one to dislike them and think negative thoughts about them. Especially when I have to change course quickly to keep from killing someone. Also I deeply understand blueamerican's view, also. So ... my $.02 is.... cars are on the highway and boats are on the where can we find a place for PWC's. I have never been on a PWC because " I might begin to like it"...then I would be a hypocrite
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This happened two years ago in Michigan. Jet ski's and snowmobiles are not allowed along the Pictured Rocks national park that is on the Northern coast of the Upper penninsula.
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don't think so there are just as many nimrods who can afford the big buck boats, who couldn't find their ass with both hands but can sign a 10 yr loan @ 10% with 5000 down.
and guys last I saw on the high ways there were motorcycles,
don't get me wrong I've seen some aholes on my lake that have caused some real dissasters on pwc's but if they go we go and the next all you hav is blow boats,manatees,birds and us sittin on the beach with our thumbs up our ass!

not a pwc person but real worried about being able to ride my donzi in the future
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Default Re: another clarification...

Originally posted by Ruben Bermudez
The ratio of dimbulbs on PWC's
is MUCH higher than in sportboats
any idiot with $500 to put down
and $159 a month can own one.
With a trailer that will allow him
to RUIN a quiet day on ANY freshwater body.

I swear, some of you sound like those
NRA nutjobs who think they're all out to get us
'cause it's SUCH a good idea to go
squirrel hunting with an Intermark KG-9.
PWC's, snowmobiles, boats, motorcycles, etc there all on the list of endangered species if this stuff continues.

As for the second topic on this post...The safe operation of recreational vehicals isn't limited to one group. It's called personal responsibility no matter what you operate. I've wittnessed PLENTY of idiots operating boats as well. Heck, I was just in San Fransisco, not one motorcycle that I saw during rush hour knew what a lane was for or thought that the rules of the road included them. EVERONE needs to be aware of their surroundings.
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