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Local guy bought this boat on Ebay. What would you do?

Old 05-11-2010, 03:46 PM
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I believe we were owner #2 - we purchased a black 1991 -42 from Tim Edwards in Spring Valley IL late summer of 97. Traded in a new 97 vette for it! (jim was a chevy dealer at the time) We hit 97mph in it on the IL river. We moved it down here with us in 1998 to Cape Coral FL and sold it about a year or so later to David Woods/Pier 57. We named it Day Trippin. She was a dark beauty and a lil warm for S FL! Not sure if this is the same one of the two - as mentioned top deck has changed as well as the rear scoops if it is.

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cool looking paint on the hood scoops though
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I think inspections invited might have meant before bidding...

Now Im sure he doesnt want the buyer to use that as an excuse to back out.
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Is that the one from suburban Chicago that the guy used to pull with a matching Dodge truck?
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Yes that was his boat. He now owns the worlds fastest Fountain.
Why is EBay any different than any other auction? You are invited to inspect the item before the auction. When the gavel bangs sold it's yours. Do you think Barrett Jackson lets you bring your mechanic to inspect the car after you won to see what is wrong? I am all for making sure it it a nice boat, but after the auction is not the time.

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In my opinion that is a great deal!!! That's cheap fun and the boat looks in great condition. Being in the business I'm in I have to agree that the time to do your homework was prior to bidding. He owns it now. If he doesn't like the boat after I think he could flip it without a great deal of effort.
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Thanks all for the honesty and humor. I knew excellent points would be raised and they were. I'll pass the info.

Thank you.

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Originally Posted by Elite Marine View Post
The boat was awesome when it was owned here in IL. The boat was VERY well maintained by the owner here and was perfect. Unless the new owner sank it or ran the engines on water, there shouldnt be anything to fear.

It looks stunning with the black, but yes its HOT!!!
+1. I saw it several years in a row at loto because the previous owner slipped it right across from me when he is down for the shootout. He kept it meticulous as well as his truck. I have also seen the two canopied fountains that he has/had and they are also very well kept. The last couple years he has also brought his "beater" boat as well to have something to cruise around in and what he considers a beater most of us would consider our "nice" boat.

Unless it was wrecked or sunk I don't know what could be wrong with it.
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If I bought a boat, or anything else, via the web. I have the right to bring ANYONE or ANY NUMBER of persons along with me to assist me in verifying the accuracy of the discription of the item I am buying.

For those saying 'he owns it' - Is that still your thoughts if he finds all 3 engines have milky oil? it's missing a prop or the trailer springs are broken?

The high bidder has a right to verify the accuracy if the description by whatever means he feels necessary. If he's refused that option - he should run.
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That boat is a hell of a buy for $50K!
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