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Who Is Your Favorite OSO Member?

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Originally Posted by boatlessatm View Post
It has to be Chris Sunkin.

The passion which he evokes from fellow members is just amazing. IIn the last month 100's of pages dedicated to this man. The wasted time spent reading (and writing) in those pots could be a possible explanation as to the current economic problems around the world. If only that time and effort could be directed to more worthwhile matters.

Also, the apparent knowledge (or ability to cut and paste articles from the net and pass off as his own knowledge) is astounding.

His life experiences, whether real or in his own mind are just unmatched.

And finally, his charitable nature....well words just cant be used for that
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Thumbs up

My vote definietly goes to Bob the Builder!

Living proof that a man's second childhood can in fact out do his first.
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Norty rules eventough he is 4 feet tall......
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CDOWNS.....I like him. He's one cool mf......
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Stecz that nice fellow!!!
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Allan4 because he is a putz!
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I would vote for Bob the Builder, but I think this thread is kind of gay.
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My remaining fellow Psycho Chick Speedy! As RG said, Heather has been the OSO Wonder Woman.

And all of the guys that did NOT ignore me or patronize me when I asked boating questions in chat back in the beginning. I can honestly say I learned how trim tabs worked in OSO chat!
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Ok, seriously though... a few of my highlights - Steve and Jeffrey for getting us here, Wasabe for... well... no need to explain really, (miss you Jen), Pudder for spell checking everything, Audiofn for being a know-it-all on everything from old SAABs to old Formulas and everything in-between, and the list goes on...

And last but not least, T2x - THE man with the historical knowledge that goes back to the "big bang"! Rich - you sure know your *&%$!!

God - I miss the old days!
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