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The SPEED channel.. Why they will not show boat racing

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Originally Posted by T2x View Post're agreeing with me again.....Back away from the keyboard and double check that you took all of your medications today......
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Originally Posted by fantastixvoyage View Post
I know your background in all of this but the negativity is getting old. Its an open forum so of course you are entitled to your opinion but I personally like to see the positive side of things. makes life more enjoyable that way. Hence I'll be watching VERSUS come fall. And I bet you will be too.
You'll lose that bet......... I haven't watched any offshore racing TV in years, with the exception of 2 P-1 races......... which were "okay" in my opinion. I would, however, stay up til 2 AM to watch the Formula 1 tunnel boats if need be... or Champ boats.

On the other hand Darren watches it all..........................

As far as "the negativity"............ I'll get positive when somebody shows me a real and logical Offshore growth and marketing plan.....but please spare me the cheerleading and blind enthusiasm. I respect your passion but you are merely an echo of thousands who bit into the same apple for over 20 years. What I don't understand is why so many after chewing on multiple bites and tasting the worms continue to eat more without asking for a new and fresh one?

Today it is politically incorrect to criticise anything, so all kinds of moronic efforts move forward unfettered by honest assessment (the White House and Congress for instance). Apparently, today I am supposed to be enthusiastic about the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military and the building of a Mosque at Ground Zero. These and thousands of other ideas are so ridiculously stupid or irrelevant as to defy all standards of common sense....yet those who point this out are painted as "negative". Maybe, before you throw words around like that, you might take a little time and ask some pointed questions about which demographic the shows are pointed at, what the budget and production values are, and how the story will be couched to make the sport look good and attract sustainable sponsors for the events and racers (The only real reason to make the effort). While you may get your wish regarding the "personalities" I would be very careful lest they wind up looking like the "Real Housewives of Manhattan"....another very "popular" program.


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I have alot of trouble with that PC thing to....It might be age related ?

As always..Well written and to the point, T2x
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Originally Posted by T2x View Post
You can't hear a turbine on TV and the last film crew to pickup proper Offshore gasoline motor noise was our NNRT chopper in the early 90's. (The Supercharged motors would give you headache ...even with headphones on)
I managed to do this video with my point & shoot Kodak....

Maybe one day I will get some good equipment and see what I can come up with !


Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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Default last weekend

Shot last weekend in Biloxi, with Canon XL-2 there will be more as I attend other events. the sound is as important as the video, as far as I am concerned.
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T2x has said it over and over but the handful of loyalist refuse to believe the truth. there are approx. 13 million powerboats registered in the US. (this includes 15 ft outboards to 60+ ft yachts) but there are almost 255 million cars on the roads. taking into account the percent of registered boat owners that have any interest in watching what has to be some of the most boring tv shows about boats, (just the reality, in the 30 years around the sport I have yet to see many watchable ones) you have such a small audience that unless each of you wants to buy your own commercial during the show NO network in their right minds will touch it. you may love watching the shows but television is a business and if you cant sell it to the sponsors (who only want to know the demographics and viewership) then you quickly close up shop (i.e. the water channel). I have been to more races than I care to recall and I cant stay awake through any of the shows that have been on and that includes the freeze frame videos. (sorry Jeff). while the shows have their moments if you cant keep the viewers attention the entire 30 or 60 minutes there is no hope for it.
steve schmidt
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Interesting debate, however the proof is in the pudding. Back in the early 90's jetski racing was on fire, Budweiser, ESPN, weekly televised national tour races. It was mostly indepent teams with factory teams coming into play. As soon as the general public was exposed to the sport and sales for PWC's took off, the factorys pulled out as well as all the other entity's The sport is a pathetic shell of what it once was but the PWC market is huge now. Its all about the money and the high perfomance aspect of the marine industry is a small fraction of the entire market. However I do believe that an independent production company could have a decent run using the internet as its main media. Here is a cool video that was produced for fun by some passionate individuals in support of water ski racing. Some of this footage will be airing (small local show California life HD) on the west coast next week to get a little exposure for the Catalina water ski race.
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I personally think the more marketable idea would be more like a poker run "reality show" (I f'n hate reality tv but it seems like the applicable term here).

Honestly, the race boats typically are less "cool looking" and don't necessarily go any faster. The racing is only interesting to a small crowd. Poker runs would have something for everyone. Fast boats, some partying, hot chicks, etc. Could either follow some guys that hit up several big runs, or just interview and film different people at every run.
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Originally Posted by rlj676 View Post
I personally think the more marketable idea would be more like a poker run "reality show" (I f'n hate reality tv but it seems like the applicable term here). .

Dunno if exposing the general public to the fact that 500 to 2000hp
boats run 75 to 150+mph on open public waters with virtually no restrictions
is a good idea..
Just my opinion though..
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This will probably offend many but offshore racing in its current form is BORING! It's sad but true in my opinion.

I believe they should dramatcially reduce the amount of classes (maybe 2) obviously you then have v's and cat. But you then have a handicap system much like they do in sailing so they all ultimately compete for handicap honours.

I believe reducing the class numbers could in the end make it more competitive and at the very least you would have similar number competing across fewer classes.

Once it is competitive then maybe it will make for more interesting TV.

The other problem is there are not enough races. Look at NASCAR 30+ races per year. The weekly saturation keeps people interested. With the boats a season of half dozen races isnt really going to keep in peoples minds for long.

If you want to make it more of a "mainstream" sport you have to remove the emotions of the competitors and look at it from an ordinary consumers perspective. I feel those involved in the sport are in a way blinded by their passion which simply does not correspond with the "wants" of the broader community. This has to be evidenced by the consistent failure of this sport to breakthrough into the mainstream.
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