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The SPEED channel.. Why they will not show boat racing

Old 05-31-2010, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by HTRDLNCN View Post
Dunno if exposing the general public to the fact that 500 to 2000hp
boats run 75 to 150+mph on open public waters with virtually no restrictions
is a good idea..
Just my opinion though..
You don't have to ride w/ Pure Platinum out front of everyone showing the speedo! I agree, and the editing needs to exclude any talks of speeds well over 100.
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Default Wow and thank for the responce

your input into this situation has been fenominal. ... Now what can we do with this. Is there room on the TV to replace a weddingdress show or a cake artist show ,,, the numbers sited are a good indicator but as these shows prove they are not the only indicator .. there is certinly the personalities , the drama , the danger and excitment to bring some kind of fast boat show to the idiot box... If years ago you were to tell me there was going to be a show , a series on TV about some guys pulling crab traps out of the water I would have told you you are crazy but look [ deadliest catch how many seasons ] . Iwill write more later ... we can make some thing happen.
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Originally Posted by jonyb View Post
it's almost like MTV (the M stands for Music) showing everything BUT music.
they have a talent show now for the roundy round people with singing but no boat racing
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