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Whats with all the Bashing???

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Old 06-13-2010, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Mentalpause View Post
I've stayed pretty much away from OSO general discussion for several months, and am laughing that this is the first thread I pick out and read. Guess I will go away for another 6 months....
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so people should only post positve experiences? get real,

every purchase I make I read customer reviews, one bad review doesnt change my mind but if half the people hate the product i probably wont buy it, I think were all smart enough not to judge a company by one persons experience.
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Shogren's posts were pretty much agreeing with the potential customer's posts. Then, he deleted the posts, and then the bashing in this thread began. Now the other thread is closed.

Looking through the posts, it appears nobody really read about the disappointment, nor did they read Shogren's posts. It wasn't even that big a deal to begin with, except for the forgotten buyer.

Doesn't speak well.
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Pete, it's the one bad review that this thread is about. If someone is screwing people over I also want to know about it.
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In our world of instant gratification patients has all but disappeared. I remember the days when ordering something through a catalog took 6 to 8 weeks or longer.

Everyone wants it now and never have a snag to deal with. Crap happens in any type of industry the true test of a company is how they handle the issues and treat the customer. Anyone thinking they are buying something and will never hit a snag is living in a dream world.

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I walked into a bar last night and there was a former client on a DWI about 5 seats to my right. He got screwed over by the judge that took his plea - treated him like **** and unfairly too, in my opinion, but there was nothing I could do about it. Nevertheless, he was pretty unhappy and blamed me.

Behind me and to my left was a table of REAL criminals (nice bar, lol!) - 3 out of 6 of them had pending charges and wanted to schedule appointments. Needless to say, I have a very good reputation for being good at what I do. If there were internet forums in town where the disgruntled could bash me, it would be impossible to keep a good reputation. 100 satisfied clients and 1 dissatisfied and who do you think is going to make all the noise.

TEAM SHOGREN - if this is the worst I ever hear about you, you are OK in my book.
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Based on your location and boat, most can guess who you are referencing I think. Which from the sounds of it, you are not the exception but the norm for motors coming out of that place...

Strange because you used to hear so much good about them too....

Originally Posted by yschmidt View Post
I am typically a lurker, and rarely ever post, but this exact topic has been really nagging me lately. I have had a terrible experience with a "well known" engine builder, and know of several others that are in the exact same boat as I. I had planned to post a "warning" and state a quick case (no name calling), but with the way a lot of threads turn on these boards I am thinking I won't because of the "attack" that I don't want to deal with. It is too bad because next year there will be several more people wishing they had known our situation.
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X-rated 30, now THAT'S funny !!! This kinda reminds me of the guy that goes into a strip club for a lap-dance, and none of the girls want to dance on him. So, he goes on the internet to bash the strip club. WTF, some guys don't have any common sense let alone self pride. LMFAO What's really funny is, in the other thread, he set himself up as a wounded fish in a sea of sharks, just waiting to go in for the kill. LOL
Gonna have every shark in the water bitin at his a$$ He better think about takin up golf or somethin. LMFAO
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Originally Posted by Team Shogren View Post
JC Perf,

You are dead on, it's crazy. We all work so hard and sometimes you have to make tough decisions in business but to be ripped in world wide format and then have people that know nothing about the topic rip you can be frustrating. Unfortunatly dealers, mfg and other cannot say anything or we get bashed but then when some of the same people put these "bad energy" post up there the same ones that come back and ask for help and act as if they never made the post.

Can we make everyone happy, no but we try in an industry that is down, losing dealers, vendors, etc at record pace. We don't need to hurt the industry more than it has already been affected by economy or other but rather spend "good energy" making it better.

Although not fun and does not feel good I can live with being beat up over not selling someone a boat but don't understand why you get put in the penalty box for not selling something.

Was it blown out of proportion, yes it was. Could have I responded quicker, yes if I had my phone on. Could have the consumer been patient and not involved another family member yes. Could have this same consumer not yelled at my service manager whom is not involved in sales transactions, yes.

We live and certainly learn.


Shogren Performance Marine
If you think i bashed you then you still dont understand the whole reason i posted the thread. Disapointment is the key word and you should learn from this experience. The fact is more buyers should post good or bad feedback about the companies they have delt with. I understand you are a large dealer and a busy family man. I understand for the most part your company has good feeback, this was the whole reason we were excited this boat was at your dealership. You decided not to correct the situation and to "bow out" so here we are. I am not afraid to come out in public when i feel it is my right to voice my opinion so others can learn from this experience. You deleted your posts so others could not see the remarks and hypothetical situations you made about my uncle and myself. If anyone made the marine business look bad it was you. To say we "yelled" at your service manager is not cool because it never happend. I was involved in the transaction the whole time its just you never knew about it because i never got a chance to meet you on the day we were suppose to come. I dont plan on posting anymore on this topic unless i have to respond to another one of your posts.

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Things I've learned on OSO this week.
1. When trying to buy a boat out of state for whatever reason deals fall through, don't take it personally. Go find another deal instead of grieving to a website.
2. If you're a huge midwest boat dealer, never, ever get into an internet battle no matter how much you think you need to defend yourself. Go hire a PR rep(it will be money well spent).
3. An OL is machine that when properly operated has a history of stability and saftey. When operated incorrectly there is a potential for failure. It is your right as an american to be able to purchase one of these high powerd boats and it is your responsibility as a boater to learn how to operate it saftely.
4. If you're a major boat dealer or a major boat producer and controversial threads in which you are involved in discussions suddenly become locked or deleted people will think the worst about you.
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