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So who's new DCB M35 is this?

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Originally Posted by BLee View Post
That's a good looking DCB.

For the kind of boating I like to do, the beds, couches, major electronics, & motorized bells & whistles that many of the "West Coast Style" boats have, just don't seem to hold up as well over time, without turning the boat into a rattle trap.

That's not to say there's ANYTHING wrong with someone wanting more of these types of options, which is why DCB & similar companies offer them to their customers. You can have those types of things, a low freeboard, & multi-piece interiors when you're boating on Lake Havasu, Mead, or any similar smooth water "desert lake" out West.

It will just tear the hell out of those things though in places like the Great Lakes, loto, The Gulf, or the Atlantic Ocean.

As "boatless" mentioned, I like the fact that Dave takes inspiration from guys like Peter, and isn't afraid to incorporate it into his own boats to make them better, rather than act like it's taboo, or against some "code" to get an idea, or give credit to another builder.

If I were doing the type of smoother water, desert boating that you find out West, I think DCB builds the best boat of all of the "West Coast" builders.

I just prefer the full custom, purpose built style that Skaters, MTI's, etc are designed for. They aren't built to sleep on, go to the bathroom, cookout, or to carry your wife's closet. They are built to go fast, and to last, which is my personal reasoning for having a cat
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I love all boats and that one is nasty. I would love to own it or a skater or a mti
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Originally Posted by rvrrat View Post
Here's a question for you Skater, MTI, and Cig people.

Why do you get so defensive whenever someone posts up some pics of a new DCB?

I mean you guys have to start comparing everything. Performance, looks, price, etc.

I just don't get it. Why would someone with an East Coast, 12' wave smashing "true cat" that'll do 175MPH with twin 525's fully loaded with fuel and 8 passengers, be worried or jealous of a West Coast "lake" (or like the other guy said, "river") boat?

I mean clearly your East Coast "true cats" are far superior to the West Coast training wheel boats. So why all the puffy chests?

When I ride my Harley I waive to all bikers. And they all usually waive back. In my opinion we're on the same team. Rice rocket, or whatever. I'm glad to see them on the street. Just as I'm glad to see people buying boats, and builders building boats.

If you don't have anything good to say. STFU
+1 on the last line. Way too much bashing goes on at this site.
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Originally Posted by Cavanti53 View Post
Gino, I agree 100%! I was and am still a Skater, Nortech, and since you made MTI very famous in Florida, I like MTI as well. I have watched the growth of DCB and the past 2 years have been remarkable for Dave's company (especially in this economy). Beautiful, quality, super fast cats! Not to mention how many M31's and M35's has he sold this year? I count 7 or 8? Some with 1350's or big Teague power. I read on PB that he has health issues and may be looking for a buyer. There are some updates to the story on the PB site. I hope DCB hangs in there and someone steps up to help him. The price sounds fairly realistic if it's all true. They are working on confirming all of the stories. Take a look at the web site.

Gino, where is your new secret weapon? 4x 1350 maybe?
Its too bad Dave is selling the bizz, he's been a real game changer and has consistenly wow'd me with some of his works of art. Maybe he'll stay on, as its hard to keep a company successful without the main driving force.
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Thumbs up M35

Originally Posted by johnlomant View Post
I love all boats and that one is nasty. I would love to own it or a skater or a mti
I agree with you!, the colors and trailer on this M35 looks awesome, and I would love to own it, or the other two, as well,!!!!
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