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Boating accidents over the 4th of July weekend

Old 07-05-2010, 12:04 PM
JB Marshall
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Originally Posted by schnydo View Post
Drunk Father Back Over And Killed 12 Yr Old Daughter
On My Lake

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Originally Posted by db71 View Post
schnydo what lake? I haven't heard yet.
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I put a total of 40 minutes run time on in 4 days. Drove1.5 miles from the ramp to the cottage thurs. drove back friday for ice and beer. drove back again and parked for the day. Took a little 15 minute romp around early saturday morning before the craizies came out and stayed parked at the dock until 4pm Sunday. Drove back to the ramp and trailerd it home. While I went for the truck, a crew of totally hammered idios tried rafting to my boat and my wife went ballistic on them. They guy parked infront of us started hailing the coppers on the VHF to come and get them. He told me the guy nearly creamed my boat. GRRRRR. Lucky for him I was elsewhere for that 10 minutes I guess.
We never even entertained the idea of heading over to the beach where we go most weekend we are at the cottage. WAY TOO MANY drunk idiots go there on long weekends for my comfort.

Saw some scary stuff right from our dock. Way unsafe passing in the channel, sea lice jumping every wake in every direction possible between boats in the channel, morons pulling kids on tubes in the channel among other boats. We had jerk offs flying past the end of our dock WFO and 30 feet away. Considered using the nail gun for something other than replacing a few dock boards I tell ya.
Just friggin nuts.
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I saw the same thing from people at the boat ramp who can't load a 20ft bayliner (45mins) other people with jet skis think the ramp is their own private dock, people running at night with no lights at speed. I saw it all I think the boat will stay parked on the fourth
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Originally Posted by RHC View Post
Why would you be running 70mph at 300 yards offshore ?? Just trying to connect the dots here!

Whats wrong with running 70mph 300 yards from shore?
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Yeah really thats 900 ft?
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We had airplanes, helicopters, and a gazillion law enforcement. Pulling people left and right, setting up blockades at coves. Looked like Marshall law. They never seem to pull the idiots. Guess it worked. I was scared to have more then 1 or 2 beers, which if fine, I guess. Still wont ever be able to regulate stupidity or carelessness no matter how many laws you pass.
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Originally Posted by OkieTunnel View Post
Whats wrong with running 70mph 300 yards from shore?

nothing wrong with it
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Amateur time. I wouldn't even consider getting my boat wet on 4th of July weekend. I'll sit in the A/C and hear about all the knuckleheads, absolutely no offense intended to anyone else, it's just my thing
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We had a death after our fireworks on Friday night in Westport CT. A boat from my buddy's club(54 footer) was heading back in the channel and his brother in law was on the bow with a spotlight trying to pick up the buoys. He went to sit on the bow rail and misjudged the height and fell overboard. Right away everyone yelled "Man Overboard" and the driver put the engines in neutral. The props still got him. He was found about 10 minutes later badly dismembered and already dead. We were listening to the police channell on the was not good.
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