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How many OSO guru's don't own a boat?

Old 08-31-2010, 10:57 PM
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Default How many OSO guru's don't own a boat?

I know several OSO guru's who don't even own a boat! They're the first in line for a ride on your boat or are first to "volunteer" their services to "crew" during a poker run. Do you know/have "On line friends" like this??
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Nope! But I have no problem taking peeps out...
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I fit that description.

However, if you do a search on my past experiences with dealers and how much I lost you may understand.

I could buy a few different boats right now but I am holding out for what I want, and paying cash for a title from a BUILDER.
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Define what qualifies one as a "guru" so we know who to point fingers at.

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I'm sure I don't qualify as a "Guru", but I don't own a boat either.

But, I do shoot Pixs of everybody's boats that comes within range of my lenses, that happen to be at whatever Race or Poker Run, that I am in attendance at, or participating in.
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I dont know sometimes I think the guys that can resist the addiction and not throw all their cash into one of these holes in the water, iss the smart one. Unfortunately Im a glutten for punishment , the only bright spot is I have a website full of people just like me wanting just as much punishment or more that help keep me from being a quitter! However my heros are the guys that love this shyt enough to wrench and struggle all year to take a $20,000 ten minute boat ride, blow an engine, say screw it, get drunk with your buddys for one night, then head back to the shop to pay his dues for another ten minute boat ride. But hell 10mins at 70-80-90-100 is better than a year at cruiser speed!
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How many OSO guru's don't own a boat?

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There's quite a few people on here that don't have a boat, this economy has affected many families. Not sure about the guru thing. I sold my PowerPlay (and my Corvette) as this economy went south and have now experienced my third consecutive summer without a boat in 40 years. Haven't even been out on someone else's boat either. This sucks...I friggin hate this.
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Originally Posted by seafordguy View Post
How many OSO guru's don't own a boat?


I saw you posted on this thread........and knew you were thinking of me . Problem is, I'm not a "guru", I barely know enough to be dangerous!.
BTW, I do own a boat, own it outright no less! Last weekend we were out, I launched it clearing the prop (singular), put 147 miles on it....and only burned 30 gallons of gas!

SO, I rock and you suck!!!

BTW: Tell Kelli I can't wait to see her again!
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I don't think I qualify as a "Guru". But, I have been on OSO since day 1.

I am boatless right now for the first time in 16 seasons. I just sold my boat last month and I am waiting for my "next" boat to pop up on the radar.

In the meantime I am NOT desperately trying to mooch rides from others if that is what you are implying.
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