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Tragic News From Seneca Lake, One of Our Own

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What a bummer. Condolences to the family...
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Originally Posted by Need-the-Speed View Post
At this time they are still searching for Don. Various S&R teams are using sonar and underwater camera's to aid in the search. It is believed that he went down in 140-225ft of water. We were forced off the seen last night at 12:30 a.m.. I knew in the back of my mind our attempt was futile but I was hoping for any sign. I guess it's just something I wanted to do. At this point I'm praying his body is recovered. It would certainly allow some closure for friends and family.
Saturday the Wind was blowing really good out of the West. Don and Frank were heading North hugging the West shoreline to find some clean water. As the article states, Frank was driving. Knowing Don, he was in the passenger seat with a Laptop trying to fine tune his new motor. IMO it would be challenging for even a vetern driver to compensate a strong West wind running at a high rate of speed....waves always pushing the hull to the right. As per my conversation with a witness at the seen Frank and Don experienced a violent hook. Only time will tell if they experienced a mechanical issue or a act of nature.
I would like to add the actions of the individuals (a few members here on they were not racing, they have homes on the West side of the Lake) who arrived at the seen within minutes were nothing short of heroic. As noted earlier the tether did not function correctly as a result the boat contiued to circle. One man rode along side the boat until he jumped across, shut the boat down, and in the end brought the boat to rest. They aided in the removal of Frank who was later taken by Helo. to the hospital.
The entire situation is grim. Don was a close friend. We spent countless hours discussing projects, boating, and riding snowmobiles all over NYS. I admired Don because he told it like it was. When he got involved in a project he went all the way. He had his captians Liscence, his pilots liscence, was a scuba diver, Loved Hot Rods, Loved to go fast, enjoyed cycling, was an avid marksman, a great business man, loved the outdoors and a outstanding Family man & friend. I especially admired the time he spent with his young son Donny. When you think your a good would question yourself after watching Don. He would include Donny in everything he did. Don also had great admiration for his parents....and for that matter his entire family. His father is certainly proud of his achievments...he's not afraid to let anybody know. Don was a true Mans man. He would give you the shirt off his back to help you out. He will be missed.

R.I.P. Don Roberts

Please use Life Jackets. The price is to high to pay.
Nicely said. I can actually feel your pain through your words. Somewhere their is a lesson to be learned here, we just don't know what it is yet. Stay strong my friend. God works in weird ways. Some day it will all make sense.
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Really sad news & so sorry to hear
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Its a sad day for many,everytime this happens it makes us re-examine our lives and how we live, how we drive. It is a dangerous sport and he died doing what he loved BUT it still sucks,Smitty
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So sad to hear. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
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Very sad news
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very sad news , my condolences to the family.
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very sad indeed
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Sorry To Here This What A Shame I Talked To Don Numerous Times About The Krypto,,, Prayers Go Out To His Family,,,,,,,
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R.I.P. Don, thoughts and prayers to his family.
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