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I inquired about a boat for sale, New Yorkers and all must read their response!!!

Old 05-08-2002, 01:38 PM
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Angry I inquired about a boat for sale, New Yorkers and all must read their response!!!

I took a deposit on My Scarab, so I am starting shopping! The wife wants something along the lines of a sea ray sunsport for a year or two because we just had a baby.

I emailed

08:34 AM 5/5/02 -0400, I wrote:

We have some interest in the 31 sunsport...Is it still available?
We are from NY and have some concerns in a long distance transaction.
Can shipping be arranged?
Condition of the Cockpit vinyl?
Salt water boat?
Condition of drives?
Jim Bellso
315-430-3030 cell
315-652-6810 home

The Response I received was Dumbfounding!!!!
As copied from my email from [email protected]

I'm sorry to hear you are from New York.
Judging by your e-mail address you have a serious personality disorder and erectile disfunction problem. See a doctor.

We don't sell to you ignorant socialists up there.
It's too bad the terrorists didn't nuke the whole state and rid us of you useless blood sucking parasites.

I can arrange shipping for you and how ever many of your neighbors would like to go, on a one way ticket to China.

Thankyou for contacting us,
The sales staff at Southeast Marine

After doing some research, I without thought, put .COM at the end of the email address. It should have been .NET at the end of the email address. is who I wanted. Although I emailed the wrong place Southeast marine in Florida is still a marine center. They have not replied to my emails and have not returned my calls to review the matter. Southeastmarine.COM is in Florida, and Southeast Marine.NET is In North Carolina. The Southeast Marine in North Carolina has been great to deal with, they are whom I meant to email from the beginning!

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Where's the BAT? Sounds liek someone needs some PIZZA ORDERED and some "off-color" magazines too! What a DICK!
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bare in mind that emails can be intercepted and redirected. This could very well have not originated from They may be on the other end of a faulty email. Just a thought, because it seems so incredibly outrageous to have gotten something like that from a business.

Anyhow keep us posted

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All I can say is WOW the person who replied to your letter should be fired....
That is a horrible way of doing business...
And being from New York I have a few choice words but I will stay calm...

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Old 05-08-2002, 01:56 PM
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I do believe a proper OSO spamming is in order. Maybe they will respond to 4900+ inquiries into their attitude difficiencies

[email protected]
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I have to agree with Shane, those rednecks need to have some "Sensitivity Training"!!! Well, I guess we all know who NOT to deal with in the future!
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Holy chit! I can't believe someone would respond in such a way. Though, I have to admit it is funny as hell!
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You New Yorkers are SO sensitive!

Business must be damn good down there!!!
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Default What's it gonna be jb??

Well yeah, but other than that they're a great bunch of guys!

I can't believe that one! Just to preserve my belief that "most" in the boating industry are reletively good and sane people, I hope that Niuhi is right.

At any rate a few thousand inquiries about a Sea Ray Sunsport could provide a little "correction". What about it jb, it's your call? Do we release the fury of OSO on "our little freinds"?
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Talking Funny As HEll!!!

Damn funny!!!!!!!!!!!
(What you see, is what you get!)
"Live every day to it's fullest for you give a day of your life to it."
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