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A tale of and yesterday

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Great story!

Congrats to Joe and crew, sounds like a day you'll never ever forget!!!
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What an awesome story! Thanks for the great commentary!
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I guess I should introduce myself, I’m the navigator from the now fabled Sonic 30’ owned by Joe Defusco. First and foremost I need to once again thank Joe for having the confidence to invite me as navigator. It was an honor to be a part of this race moreover to be a member of the winning team. I also need to thank Charlie for offering to come with us. Having an “old school” racer with us really added something and his feedback truly helped.

Thank you to everyone for the kind words and congratulations, I am still in shock. I would be lying if I said I fully understood what this race truly means to people but day after day I’m finally seeing the historic undertones. I should note that I was not a true go-fast racer and I’m no where near the caliber of Joe, Charlie or our competition. Before this race I was only an offshore sailor with limited 50mph+ experience. I’m now a member of something really amazing that I will never forget. This race was a real challenge from a navigation perspective and required a great deal of time and effort to do right. We were lucky in that we had already charted many locations for fuel and emergency stops, even having gone so far as to schedule the stops with the marinas. I know the area like the back of my hand and no wave is too big for me, I’m a sailor after all. I felt ready for this race but never expected it to unfold the way it did. More than once I questioned my sanity…and Joes. (Running with no power steering and a broken tab in the OCEAN, what is he CRAZY??) And as it turns out holding onto a GPS and radio and the boat all at the same time is a challenge…who would have thought? After experiencing a double bounce when I was not ready something in my back let go. I have no clue what it was but the pain was unbelievable. I shed a tear more than once as we came down from flying through the air but I never let myself loose it. Hell, if Charlie who is my fathers age and Joe who is doing 30 things at once can handle this so can I. I honestly think watching the two of them beam from ear to ear and knowing how much this meant to Joe helped me keep it together and keep the boat on track.

For those of you who supported the event, thank you. Though the turnout was “low” it was a hearty group of serious racers/supporters who were there with a distinct purpose. I honestly don’t understand why “go-fast” racers have a bad reputation with sailors. You are some of the nicest guys I have ever boated with and a lot less arrogant than most sailors. Thank you for the advice and encouragement, it was much appreciated. Congratulations to everyone who started the event or even attempted to do so. Not everything always works out the way you want it to but a real effort was made and that is something you should be proud of. I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank the British racing team. Through they experienced a catastrophic failure they were honorable enough to return to the marina and cheer us on. It truly made the win special to have them there on the dock for our return. They were gracious in the loss and heartfelt in their congratulations. I’m looking forward to racing against them again!

One last thing, I would like to echo the comments Charlie made about Joe and the Sonic. Joe worked for the last 2+ months getting the boat ready. I’m not talking fuel and oil but serious prep work down to checking stringers and adding redundant systems. He acted as driver, throttle man and engineer. He drove without power assist for more than 30 miles and without a working tab for 200 miles. He never got to sit down, relax or enjoy the lower west side of New York City. Joe is a different kind of driver and in my opinion deserved this win more than I can ever say. As for the Sonic; what a great boat. I’m an offshore sailor who knows boats through and through and I’m amazed. For this 30 footer to take the pounding it did and come out unscathed is remarkable. It is a tribute to over-engineering and over-building boats to last. It is also a tribute to proper maintenance and knowing limits. Great motors, fantastic hull and amazing crew.

So when is the next race?
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Joe, Jon and Charlie!

Congrats! An awesome run! And best of all you did it in a period correct boat . . I can't imagine the crossing from Plum Gut to Montauk at any speed!

FWIW, three Donzi's, a 22 Classic, a Corsican and an 18 Classic made their way out to the Ruins in Gardeners Bay to watch, expecting the fast boats an hour or so after an anticipated 8AM start we were there early and waited till shortly before 11 . . by then we'd had enough rolling and bobbing in the waves and swells, that stretch had to be nasty!

Nothing Charlie wrote is an understatement! Good Run!

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Congrats Joe, Jon and Charlie, quite the accomplishment.

Very hard to surpass as a great racing story.
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Great Story. Congrats to all involved, what a triumph !!!!
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Compelling story, well told.

Congratulations, gentlemen.
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Great Effort by Charlie and team to set the new V bottom record. As the current record holder at 3:06, and havign spent 3 years, untold thousands and a lot of blood, I tip my cap to their herculean effort
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congrats again guys and thanks for the story Charlie this is what I was waiting for congrats you guys are the champs of 2010. art
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Originally Posted by Matt Trulio View Post
Compelling story, well told.

Congratulations, gentlemen.
Belongs in powerboat mag!!

Can you shoot me a PM when you get a chance? I havent been getting my magazines at all!
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