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Lou502 05-09-2002 01:21 PM

anybody been out in a 38 PP yet ?????
;) ;)

Andy Buzz 05-11-2002 04:35 AM

Have not riden but did visit the factory last week. The PowerPlay company certainly puts value and quality into their boats. If you are looking for a new boat, I would suggest a definite interest in taking a good hard look into a PowerPlay. I dont think anyone could go wrong.

ScreaminDemon 05-11-2002 08:47 AM

the fit and finish is spectacular, it has to be since the performance is extremely poor (cobra 725's = 94mph) compared to other boats of this size - appears they took a short-cut on the bottom design. ask "DefynGravity" how long he has waited (over a year)for his, most people wouldn't accept this style of business...rumor has it, they are in "desperate" mode due to financial problems.

OffshoreOnly 05-11-2002 09:48 AM


Been on it three times, driven it. Going on it again this weekend.


Goodfella 05-11-2002 10:36 AM

DEFYnGRAVITY'S boat is slated to hit the water on June the 1st.
His will be the first one other than the one with the Cobra's in it.
His boat will run extremely better than the first one becaues of the different engine choice. I think everyone will be happy with
the MPH # that Robbie posts when it hits the water. :cool:

Indy 05-11-2002 10:38 AM

94 mph is poor performance :confused: This size boat and power is out of my league, but it seems good to me. I think I could do just fine with a 94mph 38' boat :D

Gary C 05-11-2002 12:45 PM

I was on the boat at the Miami show. I was really impressed with it. Lots of room and freeboard. I liked the looks also. I agree with Indy, it's out of my league, but 94 in a 38 foot boat is fast in my book!

ScreaminDemon 05-11-2002 09:39 PM

i was on the one at the show as well, and yes, the boat has a really nice finish, the best i have ever seen (except for some cheap accessories), but if it takes over a year to build, and the company is NOT financially secure, the customer(s) can get burned and it's only a matter of time. and, for some of you, 94 mph may be a good speed, but NOT with 1500 hp!!! the same power in a Cig TS ran 106, the Outerlimits is low 100's as well, i am saying it's just slow for the amount of hp in the rear!!!

ScreaminDemon 05-11-2002 10:18 PM

TooOld - the rigging was clean, but there wasn't any of the really nice accessories, hardware or fittings. the cabin suffered from the cheapest of cheap...headliner, lights, switches and more. it just wasn't a high end finish (like the big boys offer) for the money...i think the sales guy told me around $275k for a 500 efi setup (and it was finished like a 1980's style boat.

PowerplayDan 05-12-2002 03:46 AM

The answers to the questions that you all have been waiting for:

I normally would not release information until a project was completed, however, due to the bad information and the bad press that the New 38 Powerplay has been getting on this bulleting board I felt it time to step in.

The demo boat does not have 750 Cobra motors, it has 675-700 HP Cobras. The demo boat was built as a baseline and in my opinion was overbuilt. In comparison to other boats in its class it is a full 38 foot with an 8 foot 6 inch beam and is very deep. This boat weighs in heavier than other boats in its class, however, lamination schedules have been adjusted as production has continued.

The boat show demo boat is equipped with Latham shifts and throttles, Latham steering plates with built in drive coolers, Latham billet trim tabs, Gaffrig monster guages with bezzles, Garmin GPS mounted in drivers console, Azimuth Electric Compass, Corian counter tops, one piece fiberglass cabin inner-liner, galley with sink and fresh water, Norcold fridge, electric head, EAO switches, Military spec trim and tab buttons to name a few.

As far as the financial situation of the company you should read between the lines of some peoples posts and you will be able to see the politics. I don't feel that other companies should be threatened by a new product as one custom builder can not supply all the demand for all the boats.

For over twenty years Powerplay has built numerous World and National Championship boats with too many titles to mention.

I invite all Offshoreonly members on a personal tour of our factory and demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale. You can then determine for yourself if the information that you are getting on this board is fact or fiction.

For those of you that made positive remarks about our past and present products I thank you for your support.

Dan Weinstein

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