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Have you had a boat crash? And did you get back into boating?

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Haven't been wet yet, but came close a couple of times. Racing in the 1996 whitewater Jetboat world championships took a step-up too quick and put the boat vertical. We were perpendicular to the river and 100% airborne. Fortunately the wind was behind us and we were thrown forward when the pump hit the water. Put the gas down when we hit the water and finished the race.

I still run fast boats, but got out of racing after that season. If we had been going a little faster or if the wind was going the other way, we would have gone over and wouldn't have survived it. I got married the next year and didn't want to put my wife through the stress of wondering if I would be coming home.
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Sounds like you got lucky! I've been out twice. Once at 80 mph and the other at's no fun and yes it will slow you down.
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Originally Posted by 2Slow4me View Post
I almost died today, when I was thron from my boat @ 80 MPH.

Could have drowned, got hit by the boat etc..

Luckily only broke a finger, and got all bruised up.

I'm a new dad, and all of a sudden I'm thinking I could have died.

Boating is my biggest passion (and the last one left with no speed limit)

But now, I'm on the fence of owning or going for a ride in a fast boat again.

My question is, have you ever crashed? And did you bounce back, and how did you deal with it?

P.S. Now I'm chicken to hope on my motorcycle as well, because of being a new dad...
In 2000 got my first step bottom boat, threw it in a hard turn and threw my girlfriend and myself out at 75 mph. Both was hurt and I come very close to downing. It was late fall and nobody was on the lake. My girlfriend could swim alot better than me so she was good on the floating until help got there. I had hit my head and separated my left shoulder and was taking in water and made me fall asleep twice before someone happened by and got us. As I sank down the water was cold and woke me up and I come back to the surface and and guy in a pontoon boat was right there. He saved the day.
The whole thing happened because I was was stupid and didn't know how to drive the boat. You might just need to learn how to drive your boat, like me! One good thing happened, nobody wanted to go for a ride for a long time. Not all bad, gotta laugh when you do something that stupid. My name is Eric and I approve this message.
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Originally Posted by PhantomChaos View Post
What caused you to get "thrown" and how did you get "hit by the boat"? That is what you should be looking at.
Not sure, the boat started to turn right (without me doign anything) I pulled back the throttle, next thing I know I'm head first under water, not know which way is up.

I then currled into a ball and covered my head with my arms and felt the boat go over me (not very hard, I don't think)

Luckily the motor was not running (why I don't know yet) and the if it was, prop would have not been turning, as the drive shaft was yanked out of the motor.
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Sounds like the gimbal ring broke. Glad you are OK!
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I was ejected and my driver was killed in my boat almost 2 years ago now. So the next spring i got back in and we for a ride around the accident scene and all was good. Heck this weekend i got back into racing again.
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Been there, and its NO FUN. We got ejected out of the boat in the Ocean City race a few years ago. I can tell you this, it happens real fast, and real slow all at the same time. Neither us were hurt bad, but the throttleman never did fully recover.
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I have a jet boat with about 1000 hp. It's a rush like no other when your running about 100 - 110 but after two near crashes i ran out of luck and got wet. It's been about 6 years ago now and I still run the boat but I am shaking like a leaf when i go fast in it. I don't think I'll ever get over it but i keep pushing...
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fliped a 13 whaler 25 years ago at about 45 mph. my fought .stood up i was in water 3 ft deep almost hit the pier was less then 4 feet from it .boat up side down . had to call the coast gard . funn funn fun . boat was back in the water in 2 hr running . robbie
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what caused the situation,you must look at did you do something you should not have done and could you have prevented it and if you were going at a high rate of speed did you have a vest and your lanierd on,two very important things.Always remember that at a high rate of speed especially on the water bad and crazy things can and will happen you should always try to be prepared for them,glad you are ok.been there and done that and I am that much more carefukl but I still use my boat and I have never looked back but just learned from it.Be safe.
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