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Can Offshore Racing Survive Without John Haggin

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Tim, I see your point, still don't think it's much of a turn out but your are 100% right the media blew the oil spill out of control as far as the beaches go.

I was one of the first people to jump on the OPT band wagon in 1990 and break away from the APBA with a big YEA!!!!. We ran the boat in both organizations and I would equate that to "deregulation" like in the power, telecom or airline industry - you now have a choice of providers!!!

Here's the problem you have 325 million people in the US alone to spread telephone service over plus business and cell phone - literally billions of phone lines.

We had less than 200 race boats (not active just boats) to spread over 2 governing bodies and then we had 3 organizations fighting for even fewer active boats. The math does not work.

One more point deregulation on many fronts has given rise to better technology, more functionality, etc, etc and lower prices but usally at the cost of providing lesser quality services. I think that is exactly offshore racing - better boats, more classes (choices) but lesser quality racing for the promoters, spectators and racers themself by having less boats in each body.

ps Thank you for everything you do to allow people like me to enjoy racing from the comfort of my computer!

Joe Gere
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Originally Posted by HabanaJoe View Post
ps Thank you for everything you do to allow people like me to enjoy racing from the comfort of my computer!

Joe Gere
Your welcome !

I am glad to hear you have been viewing the Galleries...

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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OPA appears to have their operaton in order and runs well as a club sport. They should survive as is. Eventually GEICO will go away as most sponsors do when their marketing changes.
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