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Am I seriously crazy?

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Originally Posted by Cash Bar View Post
I could be wrong, but I think you mean WEST Tennessee.

And I am definitely looking in that direction.

It's east of Memphis, and cutting the corner through Memphis is the only part of Tennessee that I ever see
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I bought new from Donzi. Even though my 28 ZXO is on the low end of the Donzi spectrum Craig Barrie treated me very well... the rest of the Donzi crew did too.

Yes, I'd do it again. Yes, I'd recommend it to someone buying.
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Originally Posted by Cash Bar View Post
Most of you know that I have been personally ripped off by two dealers for well into 6 figures in cash in 2003-04. I always said no way I'd buy a boat again unless I paid cash and got an MSO or title on the spot.

I have waited 6+yrs to even think about what to buy. Now I have the ability to do it(or will shortly, depending).

I look at the BEWARE AND STOLEN forums now and wonder if I have lost it completely to venture back into what is basically(noted exceptions) a cess pool.

Has anyone had a GREAT experience lately, especially since the economic collapse?

Should I just stick to owning cool cars and mooching boat rides?

I expect that most people would be equally gun shy about buying another boat had they been cheated as bad as you were. I've had a couple of minor set-backs in comparison to what you were put through but it was enough to have me questioning if boating was worth it. In the end - it is.

Most people in this business are not crooks and there has never been a better time to buy a used boat. Just go the extra mile to protect yourself in the transaction.

Good luck Greg and happy boating.
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Hook up with Stinson and if you don't wind up buying a boat you can blow it all on strippers. Either way you are smiling.
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go for it... !!!
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Greg, after all the well documented $hit you have been through regarding your previous boats, I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for the next guy that tries to f*** you over.

You have a lot of friends in this sport and I doubt anyone considers you a moocher (granted, that's coming from me, rope biotch extraordinaire on GR). I am sure the good folks in TN or perhaps in Cape Coral will treat you right when you are ready to pull the trigger.
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Originally Posted by Beak Boater View Post
Cash....I too had some dealings with a dealer that worked out of an airport hanger. Felt the same way you feel about most in the marine industry. Only two folks I would ever deal with. Scott Shogren, or David Woods. Both stand up guys, not hustlers or con-men, they just tell you like it is. No pressure.
While I am sure their are others out their doing a great job at selling boats. These, too me are the only ones to deal with, for a smooth hassle free transaction.
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Don't be ridiculous. You got screwed because you had your guard down, just like alot of other people.That was then. Its a different time now. You are smart enough and educated enough to move forward. You know what kind of documentation you need to consumate the transaction. Trust no one when purchasing and happy shopping. Your new boat awaits.
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Originally Posted by Jupiter Sunsation View Post
Cash the best bang for the buck right now is Dan K's 35 Motion. That thing probably cost less than your Porsche and it is/was all redone!
I have to second that!
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Thanks for all the advice/thoughts. I have an idea how this goes from here.

I will say the I would definitely buy from Mahopac(Charlie is the goods) if they had anything I wanted.

I'm on the hunt over the Winter and you KNOW I will post it asap.
Your OSO connection to great S. Florida Real Estate.

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