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use fogging oil or not??


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Originally Posted by lightning jet View Post
On the carb motors I have used ATF for years poor it right down the carb till it smokes out the exhaust

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Originally Posted by Sydwayz View Post

1) Dump 1/2 of fuel water separator out and fill with 2-stroke oil, re-install and winterize with this mixture.
2) Run fuel line to fuel pump from small can of gasoline with 2-stroke oil premixed......
This is what I have always done with the EFI engines, but I still use fogging oil on my carb engines.
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I've used ATF for years with no issues. Actually burns off nice.
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I pour Marvels Mystery oil right down the carb. Been doing it for years. It does not foul the plugs.
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1400 hours on a set of efi 502s in a sportfish. Never fogged them, turn them over every 4 weeks or so in the winter as the boats up on the hard. Fire up in April every year and go boating. I have more worries about the ethanol than the fogging but lucky so far.
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If the boat is shrink wrapped Fog it!! (since you built a greenhouse/terrarium) if indoor stored heated not necessary but optional...indoor stored not heated (like mine) I fog it to be safe.why not..
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I always used the crc fogging oil.But this year I used atf and it seemed to be okay.
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Originally Posted by Griff View Post
I also use my boats often enough that keeping the cylinders coated with oil isn't an issue.......unlike some trailer queens

I have a feeling Audiofns Formula still has the fogging oil from some 10 yrs ago.
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Correct Packer- no MAF on my EFIs : ) I put sea foam in a spray bottle and choke those *****es until Spring, then I replace the fuel filters in the spring before I run it - I also use a gas stabizer Seafoam loves keeping moisture out of fuel too - so its two fold

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