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Booze and Boats - Is the Marraige on the Rocks?

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Not sure my boat will even start without full coolers... I guess I never tried.
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Originally Posted by mean streak View Post
Or just don't drink.
You are the only person that I know firsthand besides myself that has a performance boat that does not drink while operating a high performance boat. It blows my mind how there are not more accidents as the hp and speeds continue to increase as technology continues to make boats faster.
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its very hard not to blow the froth of a couple cool ones in the afternoon
my solution........ i let mamma drive home boat never gets on plane
and i get to quaff 2 more.....
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I think it would be horribly embarrassing and costly to get busted drunk boating. What happens if they catch you and no one on board is sober enough to drive? What do they do with your boat? I know where the driver is going....That alone is enough to keep me sober on the water even if I only plan to idle around. Like I said, I carry beer on hot days and I will drink a little but it is low alcohol beer and many times I dump out half a can because I want to stay sober. Driving the boat is more fun sober anyway. I see where the teetotaler crowd is coming from but some of us can control our intake and enjoy a little ice cold beer on the water without endangering anyone.
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Originally Posted by pm203 View Post
When operating any high performance boat, you shouldn't be drinking at all. You need to be 100% alert of of what's around you and in front of you.
Let me change that to when operating ANY boat.

Back at the dock, or overnighting on the boat, period for me. When I was growing up, my parents had some great friends, that didn't grow up in time. Plenty of relationships and lives have been lost for the sake of drinking. So I learned abut the pitfalls first hand by watching my parents stay solid, and their friends break apart.

The most dangerous are those that drink at night, boat at night. As the OP stated, it's pretty scary to see wild people out on a pitch black night. Those are the boaters/drinkers, that have forever changed this great pastime. Every year, the boating accident reports come rolling in. People driving into docks, other boats, land, whatever.

There are enough boneheads on the water now as it is, without having more drunks to add to the chaos. I have two kids. Kids are heavily influenced by those around them, especially parents. I suspect many of today's problem boaters have parents that strayed from common sense in front of them growing up. I was lucky in that regard, to have responsible parents.

Everyone's had their party days at college, friend's parties, whatever. This doesn't belong on the water, or the road. For all of those that think they know what they can handle and still drive well, take a look at all of the accident stories each year. Be good role models, don't drink and drive. If you have kids, hopefully they'll follow suit and we can change this longstanding problem.

If you have to boat and drink, you'll get caught eventually, or worse. If boating's not enough, get another hobby. The rest us are scared to death to boat at night anymore because of the rest of you.
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All about self control. If you can not control your own drinking I would hate to see your boat control skills.

At least as far as organized Poker Runs go, the boating community is ahead of the curve with strict no alcohol consumption rules while the water portion of the event takes place.
How much alcohol have you seen consumed at stops of motorcycle and snowmobile Poker Runs ? It is scary to say the least.
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Thanks for all the replies. I do not drink AT ALL and enjoy the hell out of all 3 of my boats and the kids and the fishing and the speed and the friends and the loud music and the girls and the weather every time and there is NO alcohol (or any other stuff either - been there done that) going in me. I can party with the best of 'em all day yet I can come back to sanity instantly and drive everyone home alert enough to watch out for all the other guys!
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I don't drink, and I don't allow drinking on my boat. These colorful loud boats are under enough scrutiny as it is, no need to add a boat full of drunk morons to the mix.
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When I did have my boat, I did not drink when I took it out. Some how I still had a tab at the bar???? Loser friends! I agree, when you passengrs are all drunk, they become the best parkers in the world. Nothing like parking with 4 drunks, wind blowing the front all over and a strong current. The drunks can handle it..............

Now when I felt the need, I would bring along my mechanic/friend who does not drink and can drive better than myself.................after I sold my boat, the 22 year old kid who bought it got a BUI within the 1st month......................
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If I drink and how much depends on what were doing on the boat. If were running all day, I won't drink or keep it less than one an hour. If we're just going idling to a cove and "coving out" all day, I'll drink two an hour. If I'm running a shootout or poker run style event, I don't drink til after we get to the dock.

My wife got me one of these for christmas because she knows I normally worry about making sure I'm under the limit
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