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You know what burns my ass?

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Originally Posted by jus roamn View Post
Every time I send pics to a yahoo email address(which doesn't accept them a lot of the time.)there is no response back. A basic time waster..... It's like the easiest email address to get.. not saying everyone who has one is not a good guy, but this seems to be the the one the tire kickers use most frequently.This has just been my experience.
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Originally Posted by BLee View Post
That may be taking it a little too far there.....?

I use a Yahoo address to do all of my internet purchases, & for getting info about things that require you to fill out a contact form. You never know when one of these sites is going to sell your personal info, so I don't want my personal email address getting on a recurring list.

However, I ALWAYS call when I'm interested in something like a boat, car, etc, & I always call people back that leave messages, so my Yahoo account wouldn't apply to the assumption above.

Nothing is more frustrating than someone sending an email, asking the SAME questions that are answered in the ad..... If someone can't even take the time to READ the damn ad, much less pick up the phone & call, then they aren't going to get much attention in return from me.

The bottom line, is that you have to show that you are interested to some degree, or you're not going to be taken anymore seriously than someone trying to look rich by posting an offer in a thread
+1, Right on!
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Originally Posted by northernoffshore View Post
yahoo email address means(at least to me)your not a serious buyer.
Not true with me, I use hotmail or Yahoo, no name either. Until i know the seller is real (not some idiot selling something they don't even own)

Once I feel they are a real person, and selling something they own. I use my personal email, with my name and my phone number.

P.S. I emailed about a BMW, was very interested in it, until. Owner was "out of the country" "car was in storage, in a different city" than the ad was (like the other side of Canada!)

Called BMW, they said that car, based on SIN # was never in Canada. What a PITA!!
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