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Apache Owners Beware...This one runs 120 in 4 footers! >

Apache Owners Beware...This one runs 120 in 4 footers!


Apache Owners Beware...This one runs 120 in 4 footers!

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That is too funny, I know somone that used to have one of those with a 454, 365 Mag. It did run pretty fast for what it was. The guy is either smokin somthing or its a 12 year old playing a joke.
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Originally Posted by Too Stroked
Dear Seebold 21 Owner,

Iím quite interested in your high performance boat. I have a modified Bayliner Capri 186 that served me well over the years and I too have modified it extensively. The original 4 cylinder Mercruiser with Alpha drive has been replaced with a Flux Capacitor hooked to a Warp drive. Since Iím an experienced fabricator, I also added a custom built Whup Ass injection system that I estimate has added at least 3000 HP. According to my original Bayliner speedometer, Iím now running 347 MPH. Better yet, Iíve found that Iím actually going fast enough to skip over the top of virtually any sea condition short of the perfect storm.

With all of the added horsepower, as you might guess, I too have had to modify the hull somewhat. My first modification was to add 37 steps to the hull to lessen drag. (As you might guess this was a bit difficult since all modifications were done with the boat sitting on a roller trailer in my apartment parking lot.) I also added several additional stringers and bulkheads made of Unobtainium to handle the added stress. Due to the unique properties of this material though, the boat is now actually lighter than air and has to be tied down to the trailer to prevent it from blowing away.

I could go on for hours as to the other modifications Iíve made to this boat, but quite honestly, I need a new challenge. Your boat Ė although significantly slower than mine Ė sounds like itís much more of a chic magnet. Thatís become a much higher priority in my life since mom said I have to move out, Iíd like to talk to you about a possible trade. Interested?
I was taking a drink while reading this, and a slight bit of water actually came outta my nose when I read the word "unobtainium"...priceless....lmao.
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Originally Posted by RT930turbo
wtf is that
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Originally Posted by quicklt1
wtf is that
Don't have any good info on it, except its a small block chevy outboard... Just found the pictures on the web.
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OK, this thread has gone awful quiet. Which one of you guys purchased the Seebold? Fess up and nobody will get hurt.
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TTT i thought this one was pretty funny, and deserved more attention
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Originally Posted by BLee

The boats being pulled in some stories are sloooow to begin with, for the GPS speeds on their trailer to look "great".

The majority of trucks in general that are used to pull, won't go over 100-110mph on their own, so the boat would have to be pretty small to get to those speeds again on GPS.
Big V bottoms being towed with the big, real deal Kenworth type tractors. Northern FL and the carolinas were good spots from what I hear
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Originally Posted by JasonSmith
The term "f*cktard" comes to mind for some reason.
yep and Assclown
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