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Locked Threads??

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Most of the guys on here that pick on kids are tool bags. They stand up for guys that steal boats and commit felony's. This kid came to NJ for vacation with his family. I let him hang out at my marina two days. Never had a problem. I even took his whole family out boating one day. They are awesome people. What we need is the tool bags to stop with kids and stand up to the thieves you think so highly of. Even the one moderator is friends with these guys. Hey but Curtis , Joe and the trash man can post what they want. min hawk. *****e$

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Originally Posted by SpeedGirl View Post

He will be serving a timeout..... end on story
Can you give him a timeEND?

I hope he never returns and have no use for him.
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Originally Posted by Audiofn View Post
I always thought that the mods on this site were fairly liberal with how long they let threads go. You should also understand that there is a lot of PM's and emails that go on in the back ground when we are trying to deal with people that are out of line. In fact I remember when the "other" board was started up they said that they were going to keep any of that from happening at all. As a Mod. you are kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't. I miss Cuda's rants they were about as funny as anything that has ever been posted on OSO but that did not make them good for the board....

What was that Crackers famous line ???? " I'm going to punch a blood hole in your chest " ??

What a turn of events his life had !! Unreal. Sad really.
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