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Phishing is illegal isn't it? What say you Mods?

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I remember once I was accused for refering ATECO as a local builder....
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Nice detective work, dbkski.
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Originally Posted by dbkski View Post
Moderators: This should be looked into. IP check? A warning to
those involved? I'm sure this kind of thing is happening a lot but this
time it hit close to home for me since my time was wasted.

Mr. wirsboguy - What's going on? On Jan 31 2001 you ask for help
locating an engine builder in the IL/WI border area. However on
Nov 9 2009 you defend Ateco from an apparent cyber bully and
tout Bill's skills. Then three times on Jan 30 2009 in two different
threads from 2004 and 2006 you tout and rave about rotating
assemblies and a purchase of one said assembly from Ateco. Who
do you work for? Are you just phishing for business? Are you a
shill for someone's business? There is nothing wrong with telling
someone who your favorite engine builder is when THEY ask.
Mark "KAAMA" does it all the time for his man in Michigan but he
does it the right way. When someone asks for a builder's name and
an opinion of his work Mark will give it. No fake threads. No fake
screen names.

When I saw your engine builder plea thread last week I started to
gather all my notes that I had amassed the past few years in hope
of giving you good info for your engine project. I spent a few hours
gathering all this info for you and when I could not remember the
thread name I searched for your screen name. Guess what came up?
You wasted my time and I am p!ssed off about it. Your actions
diminish the importance of this site and the people who try to help.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

I rescind my offer to help I gave in my PM.
Please lose my phone number.

Please lose my phone number.

Dave its too late your phone # has already been SOLD to all the telemarketers in the middle East
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This Ateco sounds like a great place! Thanks Brad / Mr. wirsboguy!
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Good job! And thank you.
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Originally Posted by CigDaze View Post
Nice detective work, dbkski.
Nice detective work, dbkski
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