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When you bought your first perf. boat, what do you wish you knew?

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Make sure the engines will give you some life before they start to need rebuilds.

Buy engines that are made to perform the intended function. Engines that are made for a specific power range have issues if you start throwing performance upgrades at them. Nothing's worse than having your friends go out on a run and you gotta bum a ride or sit at home cutting the lawn because you don't have the $$ to fix the engines...reliability can't be overstated.

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I wish I knew the economy was going to tank badly and kept my 23 Baja because it was paid for.. spending 100K doesn't seem like such a bright idea given what I know now.

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First divorce the wife so she won't end up with half your boat
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When you go to look at that used boat you want to purchase DON'T take a friend that will just encourage you to buy it. Take someone with a fair knowledge of boats and their costs. If such a friend can't be found for goodness sake DO take your wife. She will talk you out of anything that don't benefit her, or that she thinks will add to your coolness.
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I wish I had a survey done darn.... transom But this is a great topic to read what others have gone thru and to know your not alone.

The big questions is? Does anyone plan on paying thier boat off and holding onto it for many years? That is the questions I ask my self.
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Here is my list:

1. Dont underestimate the cost of running and maintaining a go-fast boat (insurance, maintenance, fuel, marina fees, wrapping, winterization, etc)

2. Buy a boat you will be satisfied with 5-10 years from now (length, cost, power, twin vs single, cabin ammentities, performance, etc)

3. Gas goes quickly, very quickly...summer weekends on the water get expensive with the cost of fuel, food, drinks, etc. For me as a 24 year old I had to give up nights at the bar to compensate...for me i can blow through 300-400 easy a weekend.

4. Expect to be out of commision boat wise during the summer at some arent perfect so dont expect them to be...i.e. if the trim sensor is working then the temp guage isnt working, if the temp guage is working then the solenoid is broken, iif the solenoid is working then the nav lights dont work...its boating, something is always broken.

5. Expect to fix the boat yourself. Dont rely on friends or mechanics. No one wants to go boating more than yourself. So put in the wrench time.

Thats it for now..
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Originally Posted by Captain YARRR View Post
So what do you wish you researched more or what do you wish you knew at that time?
My next boat will have Merc power or power built by a marine builder. As opposed to engines built by a race car engine builder.
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I would have bought a CAT.

But then again I have enjoyed my V bottom single engine race boat. Learned alot.

The more you go fast the faster you will want to go.

My next boat will be a 32-36ft cat.
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When I bought my 1st boat I wish someone told me not to bottom paint my speed DON'T BOTTOM PAINT YOUR BOAT !!
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I wish I had known how much better a 34' boat runs in rough water compared to a 25' boat.
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