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Thunder II 05-20-2002 10:50 PM

New to the Board
Greetings! Love Power Boat Racing...especially Offshore! Looking forward to some good discussion! Let's go racing!

eyezlee 05-20-2002 10:58 PM

Welcome. You'll love it here. Been lurking long? What do you have?

Thunder II 05-20-2002 11:03 PM

Originally posted by eyezlee
Welcome. You'll love it here. Been lurking long? What do you have?
Thanks...registered last night, checking everything out tonight. The only thing I have is a profound appreciation of/for Offshore Boats - pleasure and racing.

thunderdan 05-20-2002 11:07 PM

Welcome aboard...

eyezlee 05-20-2002 11:08 PM

well this is the place to learn about it. its awesome. WARNING, you will become addicted. :D

eliminator219 05-20-2002 11:18 PM

Welcome to the board, Glad to see another boater from Michigan.You may not have a boat now, But I would imagine that there is one in your future!! Didnt Henry from Mich. say something close to that ? WELCOME!!! :D :D :D


enticer 05-20-2002 11:20 PM

Glad to have ya aboard...
Don't offended if you ask a question and it goes goes with the territory......:D

Cutwater 05-21-2002 06:35 AM

Good to have ya!:cool: :D

SHARKEY-IMAGES 05-21-2002 08:25 AM

WELCOME!!! You will find a vast amount of knowledge here along with some humor... :D :D :D

Playn 05-21-2002 08:47 AM

Thunder II Welcome to the board!

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