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Sean 05-23-2002 12:42 PM

Thanks Ryan Beckley
I have been dealing with Ryan at Kinetic Animation for a couple of years now and I have to say that he's been great to deal with!

If you ever have the need for vinyl lettering or graphics, Ryan is the best! My stuff gets done right away and done right the first time!

Thanks again Stickerboy!

Offshore Addiction 05-23-2002 12:51 PM

I Agree!! He is truly the man in his profession and will help out whenever possible- thanks for driving for us in Daytona and the Midas sticker looks GREAT!!!

Cord 05-23-2002 12:56 PM

Ryan-I'll be at loto for the next couple of days, but what's the word? Drop me a note. :confused:

Fast Shafts 05-23-2002 01:03 PM

Based on everyone's recommedation from this board, I spoke with Ryan yesterday about grafics and will be placing an order as soon as a design is finalized.:) This is one of the last steps in the restoration of my 1967 28' Magnum.:)

Sean 05-23-2002 01:04 PM

Bob...when are we gonna see some pics????:D :D

Fast Shafts 05-23-2002 01:21 PM

There are some original photos of "White Knight" on this board under member galleries, go to page 8 under Wild Turkey.
Also on, under "Other Performace Boats" there are several photos and text. I'm not a computer person and had alot of help with posting this article. I'll try to have a friend post more photos.
How is the new boat?

Sean 05-23-2002 01:25 PM

New boat is doing well...all cleaned up and ready to go...I'm splashin' her tomorrow...can't wait!

The 28 was fun, but I'm an instant gratification kinda guy and I lost my shirt on that project...:( :(

My next one will be smaller...I REALLY want to get my hands on a 20' Cig like the one Ted found!

I saw the pics...and yer a better man than me! That is some project you got goin there! Has anything changed since putting the deck on? What point are you at?


glassdave 05-23-2002 01:30 PM

well sean . . . .i gotta agree with ya. i just had Ryan do some spray masks for a logo i was putting on a customers race hatch. super nice job and fast too.

how often do you see one graphics guy recomending another graphics guy. . . only on OSO. . . .:cool: :D :cool: :D

thanks Ryan

an Rob G, post pics as soon as you can. love those old mags.:cool: :cool: :cool:

Gordo 05-23-2002 02:39 PM

Ryan's done work for us a number of times, (including last weekend).
Even though it's usually a last minute deal, he always comes thru, and the work is always top notch.
Robert, you made a good choice. Good luck with that Pantera!

Hot Boat 05-23-2002 06:11 PM

I also used Ryan and highly recommend him to anyone

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