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Outerlimits 39' V-bottom: Still a Thrill

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15mph more with the same power incredible!
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Originally Posted by Matt Trulio View Post
Anthony Sauta is one greatest guys you'll meet in performance boating.
It goes on even beyond the performance boating...

My experience with Anthony has been on & off the water.

On the water:
One of many memorable experiences was Rock the Bay Poker Run.
I was out with him and his crew for this event. A lot of side wash kept me from getting any decent shots while running and I told Anthony I was putting my equipment away before I broke something.
He stated, "If that's the case than why don't you drive ?" I had the helm for the entire day and can't remember the last time I ran 95 to 100 mph for what seemed like an hour straight on the way back from Red Eyes.

Off the water:
I have been to many mechanical shops for preventive maintenance on my Dodge Dually. From the dealer to the local town shops only to find they did not meet my expectations. From going for an oil change to a dealer after it was just detailed and having it returned to me with black greasy hand prints all over my white hood to another shop for an oil change, two changes later to only find that in two oil changes they never replaced my filter being as the Dealer one was still in place with the miles i wrote on it. Not to mention finding my oil just as black when I got home when it should have been clean.
So for these reasons I needed to look elsewhere.
I started by supporting the ones who had be supporting me through my photography. Anthony has several repair shops.
The one I use is roughly 30 to 35 minutes from me. As you might guess, I pass a lot of shops in that distance. But the fact I have TRUST in his shop means more than anything to me.
My truck was just serviced to prepare it for the heavy driving season ahead of me. I asked his men to go through everything.
At this point I was an open checkbook. I knew I was in for some big stuff. F/R Brakes, Radiator Flush,Trans Service, Belt, Fuel & Air Filters, Oil Change etc. Whatever they would find they would fix. To my surprise, my rear axles seals had been leaking. So now I have new seals and some fresh oil in the rear too! All this and they didn't break my bank !

I can't help but to say when I leave Anthony's shop, I am confident of making some serious road trips knowing the truck is like new again. One year I stopped in for an oil change and quick check over prior to leaving for the St Clair Races. The mechanic finds my front tires dry rotting on the inside. I have to say, that probably save my life cause I never saw it.

I will also go on to say Anthony isn't treating me special. I have sat in the waiting room and watch the attention each customer is getting and his business practices are off the hook ! Everyone gets prompt courteous care there.

One more I just have to share because this was above and beyond. (This one I will agree was special treatment)

We had a bad snow storm. The next morning I find my wife's car with the nose pushed in as if someone had slid into her car while backing up and then left. All this happens just before Christmas .
I give the car to Anthony and of course he tells me with Christmas Eve his guys have a half day, Parts may not be getting delivered and prepared me for the worst. Christmas Eve afternoon comes and my wife calls to tell me her car was in the driveway.
This was in less than 48 hours from the time Anthony had the car. It needed a hood and full bumper cover. It was done and delivered !

I was speechless.

All he could say was," Sometimes things just come together.... Merry Christmas... "

Matt, a GREAT article for a GREAT guy !!!
So glad to have him as a customer, a friend and a shop owner that I can trust and count on !

Congrats Anthony !!!


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As stated earlier great boat and great guy!
Anthony is one of the good guys in the sport! He has the perfect no problem/no drama attitude. Congrats to Matt, OL and Sauta on a great article!

P.S.- Our friend Pete knows the stern of that boat better than anybody!
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That stern picture never gets old!!!!
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