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OT Interesting reading regarding Terrorism ,, 9 / 11,, and the Democrats

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Default prior knowledge ????

This is ridiculous..... We have prior knowledge that something is going to happen " again ", what are we doing about it ??, stepping up airport security, investigating suspects with terrorist ties ( already living in our country )...

what are we already being accused of and law suits being filed for ????. Of course I say PHUK the law suits but were talking catch 22's here right ..

Imagine if Bush decided to round up all the arabs and people of the islamic religion, question them and detain them ??? HMMMMMMMM....... I wonder how many more law suits, liberal out-cries, and democratic investigations there would be ???.

To sit there and spout off that Bush knew and let 4,000 Americans DIE, the nations economy suffer, and hundereds of thousands of workers laid off, because he " needed " this war is INSANE...

This was the beginning of the end of a LONG line of inept presidents throughout the years that did NOTHING to prevent terrorist attacks.

CRASH,,,,,, you sit there ACCUSING Bush of having prior knowledge and not doing anything, and the democrats are having congressional hearings,,,, then you contradict yourself, saying Clinton couldn't do anything because there wasn't enough evidence.... WHAT PHUKN' evidence did BUSH have ??? and if he had used it, what would the penalty have been.
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I think mey eyes are bleeding too!!

"I want the TRUTH---I don't care WHO the politician is or what he calls himself "

That is exactly what I want too KAAMA...well said...

Crash, your hatred for Bush doesn't allow you to seek the think you already know it...

If you can't figure this out, I can't say or do anything to help change that...

The TRUTH is right there in front of you yet you are hung up on hanging Bush...

I want to know why the CIA has deteriorated to the point that it has...THAT is what I want to know...and it didn't happen in a year and a half...

Political correctness kills...many many people...

Since you seem to have an inside track on information Crash, how could Bush have stopped this? Keep in mind that we now have lawsuits AFTER 9-11 for racial profiling...political correctness kills…

Thing Crash...think hard...
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Originally posted by mlitefan
Since you seem to have an inside track on information Crash, how could Bush have stopped this? Keep in mind that we now have lawsuits AFTER 9-11 for racial profiling...political correctness kills…

Thing Crash...think hard...
Well, hell, mlite, this is an easy one, though it's somewhat of a trick answer - just look at my proposal above.

Make supercrash "Emperor-President for Life"! Then he and his like-minded cabinet (both of them) will make everything rosy in the world - we'll have whirled peas, whoops, I mean World Peace, everyone will have a government-mandated above-average income, dogs and cats will live together, and the feds will supply us all manatee-safe 42' Cig Tigers that run 200 mph using electrical power derived from environmentally safe cow farts.

Geez, why ask questions when the answers are so obvious?
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OK ...maybe you guys are right...

But why did he say..."We had no advanced warnings"

This is a out and out lie...

The truth...not with this administration..

wheres the truth about the Reagan/Bush Adm....?..It's hidden away...wouldn't it be great if the docs came out now , only to show that his father was arming Iraq Illeagly....oooops...that would look good just as his son is trying to build support for a war in Iraq..What is he hiding in those vaults...?

Wheres the truth on his 6 years in office in texas...?...It's hidden in the same place his daddys records are hidden

Wheres the documents on Enron.....They are hidden...the GAO is suing them for the docs and they still won't give in...WHY..what are they hiding

The President is coming up totally clean on the Enron scandal...yet he is still telling lies about his relationship with "Kenny boy"...WHY...he was clean before the question was asked if and when he knew Ken Lay...Now he is a liar...

Where is the truth on 9-11....?....It's hidden...don't expect any truth to come out of these hearings...not with Bush..
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"We had no advanced warning"

In response to "Bush knew sept 11th was going to happen"

So what is your issue with this? Has anyone...ANYONE shown that Bush or ANYONE knew that terrorist would hijack multiple planes on Sept 11th, at the time they did it, to turn them into flying missiles?

Come on dude...join reality....

The problem with you crash is you can't parse facts...

FACT is, all the warnings were very vague...

FACT is, hindsight is always 20/20

FACT...Bush was in office about 8 months when this took place...hardly enough time to get all his people in place and reverse the last 8 years of political correctness run amuck from the Clinton admin...

THOSE are the don't want to accept them because they interfere with your neat little conspiracy...

And if THIS conspiracy wasn't really a conspiracy, then perhaps Enron wasn't either...hell, maybe Bush ISN'T the crook you want him to be...

I can see why you hang on to this...your life would unravel right before everyone's eyes if you didn't...

common sense

Sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge; native good judgment.

Common sense, according to Sir W. Hamilton: (a) ``The complement of those cognitions or convictions which we receive from nature, which all men possess in common, and by which they test the truth of knowledge and the morality of actions.'' (b) ``The faculty of first principles.'' These two are the philosophical significations. (c) ``Such ordinary complement of intelligence, that,if a person be deficient therein, he is accounted mad or foolish.'' (d) When the substantive is emphasized: ``Native practical intelligence, natural prudence, mother wit, tact in behavior, acuteness in the observation of character, in contrast to habits of acquired learning or of speculation.'' in contrast to habits of acquired learning or of speculation.''
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One more for ya crash...

PC Cripples the War on Terror | June 5, 2002

LEAVE IT TO Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat and a rather left-leaning one at that, to utter one of the truest remarks about 9/11 delivered to date.

On Sunday’ CNN Late Edition, Feinstein acknowledged what the conservatives in the Bush Administration have not—that political correctness contributed greatly to the bureaucratic letdown leading up to last fall’s terrorist attacks. "I think the racial-profiling debate has created a kind of disservice, if you will, in the terrorism area," she noted, "particularly with respect to the FBI. I believe it has had a chilling impact."

The "whole debate of racial profiling," Feinstein explained, "has played a role in the reticence of the FBI … to really move ahead with Mr. Williams’ memo," the Phoenix document that warned about Middle Eastern men training at American flight schools.

True enough. It’s not hard to imagine the public outrage, perhaps coupled with ACLU lawsuits, that would have ensued if, last July, federal agents had raided select flight schools and singled out Arab students for interrogation. That, no doubt, had something to do with federal agents’ reluctance to follow their own leads.

Perhaps now that a Senate Democrat has done the nation a favor by stating the obvious about what happened before Sept. 11, the Bush Administration can follow suit, and admit that political correctness has compromised the nation’s war efforts in the nearly nine months that have followed.

The examples, from Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta’s continued ban on racial profiling in airport screening to the Administration’s refusal to arm airline pilots, abound. The latest outrage comes from the State Department, where, even as American soldiers battle Muslim fanatics brainwashed by imams in Middle Eastern mosques, officials have devised a plan to import imams from Middle Eastern mosques to come preach on American soil.

The Washington Post reports that Foggy Bottom will award multiple grants totaling roughly $500,000 to groups that establish programs which, in the department’s words, "enhance understanding about the place of Islam in American society." The clerics would come to the U.S. on the taxpayers’ dime and by way of American Muslim organizations, many of which have suspect ties to the Middle East.

In the process, of course, the U.S. might also end up subsidizing the airfare of more terrorists or radical imams who will use their pulpit in America the way they do back home, to recruit more "martyrs." Such are the risks foreign-policy bureaucrats are willing to take. "We’ve found in the past that this type of exchange can be very effective in breaking down stereotypes," Stephen Hart, deputy assistant secretary for professional exchanges in the State Department’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, gushed to the Post.

It would do Mr. Hart and the thousands of professional bureaucrats like him good to know that America is at war, and at the moment, "breaking down stereotypes" is far less important than breaking the enemy’s back. Amazingly, within the ranks of the very government apparatus that’s charged with conducting the nation’s foreign policy, the notion persists that somehow 9/11 and the broader struggle of which it’s part are little more than a big misunderstanding. All we need is to give peace chance, a few exchange programs, an exhibition soccer match or two, and some intercultural dialogue.

The reality is that in most Middle Eastern Arab countries, the intensity of anti-American hatred runs deep. A February CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll found that in Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Kuwait, sizable majorities refuse to admit that Arabs were responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, and believe that America’s war on terrorism is morally unjustified. A recent Hamilton College/Zogby survey reveals that only a third of Arabs living in the U.S. hold Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda responsible for the attacks, and barely a majority support U.S. intervention in Afghanistan.

Then there’s Saudi Arabia’s top imam, Sheik Abd-al-Rahman al-Sudays, who recently took to government airwaves to denounce Jews as "pigs and monkeys" whose "course is supported by the advocates of credit and worshippers of the Cross." At this point, reasonable people might conclude that bringing in Middle Eastern Muslim leaders, even if there are some sane ones to be found among them, is to invite excessive and needless risk. Let’s win the war; we’ll worry about taking on stereotypes later.

Yet the politically correct mindset that would inspire State Department bureaucrats to concoct their visiting-imam program continues to prevail throughout the federal government, and its very existence hampers the country’s ability to win the war. Over the last nine months, there have been repeated indications that the federal bureaucracy is staffed with an unacceptable number of its enemies’ unwitting accomplices—passive FBI agents, colorblind airport security screeners, obtuse State Department personnel, and the like.

They aren’t traitors, but their naiveté and gullibility have the same effect.

Chris Weinkopf is an editorial writer and columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News.
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