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No starting price on for sale boats

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First of all I was in the market and to be honest didn't realize how much boat I could afford until I started making some calls so by not putting up a price it does limit the number of calls your going to get. Sure you can reason that I did make calls and became better aware but at the same time I didn't call on all the different brands so although I now have a better idea of what a Donzi or Fountain is worth I have no idea what kind of OL etc I may actually be able to afford or even which Donzi or Skater I could have actually had.

What I find even more crazy though is the number of people that list a price that is completely false. Just one example was I called on a boat and when I asked about the posted price the first thing the guy I talked to said was well it's listed for 135 but they'd take 105...... WHAT first of all by asking 30K more than you'll take even before we start negotiating you're turning off a lot of buyers, this was also before any mention of trade or not was made... Why not just post a price and post what it'll actually take to buy it? I'd wager a bet that if they actually posted they'd take 105 for that boat it would sell VERY quick.

When I list something for sale I price it to move and then just hold fast on that price and I'll tell you when I do I get 10 times the calls on it and it sells for what I knew I'd take in the first place. Sure I could have asked more and waited a year to find someone that was willing to pay top dollar but by then whatever I wanted next was gone anyway.

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