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CMI exhaust

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The legal stuff is in limbo, here is a copy of an e-mail message that I have sent to the affected consumers/potential plaintiffs:

"I have just been informed that the class action law firm that I would be working with in order to file this suit, is now backing out of the class action filing. It has been suggested that localized consumer fraud cases be filed, but I am not in agreement with that course of action even though it is a legal alternative. I am still of the thinking that there is a faulty marine header in the market place and therefore it is a class of consumers that has been affected and deserve to have their case(s) heard.

Until I find a deep pocket litigation-firm to back me, I not am not sufficiently capitalized to commence this suit (my pockets aren't deep enough). Sorry for the delay in responding, I have been put on hold by this firm for three months just to have this blow-up in my face after compiling all the information and working diligently at this issue. I hope that I can be of help to you, I will keep you informed of what will happen next, but for he time being the class action lawsuit is dead in the water."

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Originally Posted by TCBoss302 View Post
Here's what I don't get, after all these failures, why are people still buying ANYTHING from CMI? Some are even fixing their motors that were damaged by CMI headers and then buying new CMI's to replace the old ones. I wouldn't spend a dime with CMI simply based on their lack of response to the well documented failures of their product......
My take exactly. I wouldn't touch their products with someone else's 10 foot pole.
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Had CMI e-tops on my 502 -500hp, tube leaked and sucked a valve. blew the motor. I sent them to the factory to be repaired and tested. they said the port is unrepairable and not covered for warranty. I put KE's on the boat. runs great
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Just found two holes in our 08 700sci's wouldn't have noticed if I didn't changenplugs and see water on them. Its crazy the money we pay for mercury combos and for them not to stand be hind it is crazy. Also our boat has never seen salt water so the can't use that as a reason. Keep us updated would be interested there's anything wen can do.
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