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I finally joined the club!!!

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Default I finally joined the club!!!

Well it's official now. I sent the seller his certified check and my transport company will be bringing the boat here on
Fri 5-20 or Sat 5-21. I can't begin to tell you guys how pumped I am, LOL!!!
People, I could never telll you guys just how stressful it was during the process.
I've never enjoyed the luxury of deep pockets many of the enthusiasts of the go fast boats have.
I've wanted one for decades but never started looking until a buddy of mine told me how cheap many had become back in early 2010.
I started and stuck with a reasonable cash budget but it limited me to boats from the 80's up to the mid 90's.
Finding the right boat at the right price was the hardest part.
When i stumbled across this boat on I loved the pic's from the get-go and when I talked to the seller and he told me
about the boat's history from Baja and how long he'd owned it I was caught hook, line, and sinker.
Being sceptical of "seller hogwash" I tossed out some threads asking about the unit.
Dave at XT cemented it when he vouched for everything the old man had told me, he even offered me his copy of Powerboating magazine
with her on the cover.
Here's her story, she was built late in 95 and rigged to be the Baja fatory's official poker run boat for 1996.
It was on the cover of Powerboating magazine with a little bit of a write up about the build.
She was equipped with stock 525SC's that were then modified by Baja with supercharger intercooler/chillers and had the pulleys changed to
put out more boost through the supercharger. It has all the great options that were available for that year.
My surveyor brought to my attention hundreds of baby blisters on the hull under the freeboard and asked me if I wanted to stop, he said this was plenty
of reason to request my deposit back. I was like "no" survey her with a fine toothed comb and pull up every stray hair you can so I can renegotiate.
Due to the costs of these repairs I was able to reel her in for much less than my original budget but am now stuck with having to deal with the repairs.
She aced the powertrain survey leakdown and compression tests and pushed into the 70's GPS'd at top end speed. Not to bad for a big boat like this!!!
I think the thing that tickled me the most was that the paperwork shows her USCG registred name as "Team Baja" from back then.

What I really need now is to contract someone to enlighten me on the in's and out's of a boat like this. I'm willing to pay one of you members to assist me in getting up to speed
on operations and PM. This is a major step up from our old play boat and all of my and the kids jet skis.
I'm hoping for a launch on Lake Conroe next weekend the 20th or 21st.

Thanks to all of y'all for helping me during my search by answering all my questions, without you guys and girls here on OSO and the members over at I'd of been in a heap of hurt getting quality information.
See ya,
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Congratz!!! Pics!!!!
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Congrats on the new boat! You'll do great with her, just take your time. On the first few outings, you might want go out on a weekday, when the lake/ramp aren't as crowded, so you can take your time learning with her.
Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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you're screwed now.
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Good for you - enjoy!
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Spend some time with her before you throw the entire family on the and mash the throttles. It's not a pontoon boat
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Congrates It's always a great feeling to get a new boat. Have fun
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Welcome to the "Oh crap what's that sound and how much will it cost to fix it?" club!!!

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