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Drowning - Not what you think

Old 06-30-2011, 11:48 AM
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Years back was with my uncle and his friend just sitting around in a fishing boat on a river having some beers. Later that day, his friend decided he wanted to swim to shore, which was only about 30 yards away, but deep water.I think nothing of it. A minute or two later my uncle, who was not exactly in any shape to save anyone, directs my attention to the swimmer and says that he is drowning. I look over at him and think, no way.. Swimmer was calm in water just sort of floating vertically like article said. I did not believe my uncle until I saw swimmer go under. I actually delayed my response because of what I percieved as just floating in water. This guy was a big and strong and certainly looked like he could handle himself. Hell, he was the one who jumped in the water. After I got him out, almost drowning myself because he was pulling me down trying to climb on me, and we are back in boat, he admits he can't swim. WTF? Too many beers gave him liquid courage. The point here is yes, he absolutely did not look like he was in trouble...
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Great article.

My kids, who are 7 & 9 now, are both pretty good swimmers. Being around the water all the time, we've had them in lessons from an early age, and still send them back for more every summer.

Back when my son was about 2 or 3, before he could swim, we had a close call, and it was just like the article described.

We were at a party where there was an in-ground pool, and all the kids were swimming, including my son, who had "swimmies" on his arms. All of the kids got out to have pizza & cake, and I took my son's swimmies off of him while he ate.

He finished up quick, and managed to get back into the pool somehow, not more than 15 feet from a bunch of people. Just like the noise, no splashing - he simply walked into the shallow end, and continued to walk until he was under.

Fortunately, we saw him very quickly and pulled him out. He hadn't even swallowed any water, and wasn't really scared. Our reaction probably scared him more than anything else.

Me on the other scared the chit out of to see just how fast something like that can happen.
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Ironic I read that article a couple weeks ago, before going to Panama Beach for vacation. had an older gent up to his chin in the water appeared to be fine but wasnt.. people all around had no clue why i ran up and pullled him to the beach. Poor guy was to tired he could not even stand, hardly even sit.
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Old 06-30-2011, 12:31 PM
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Seen 2 bodies pulled from the water in just my short 28 years.... It is a very humbling experience.... neither were kids both were adults. Reminds me how powerful this force is that we all love so much.
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Old 06-30-2011, 10:54 PM
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Excellent read, but scary that drowning is not what we perceive. (Dam Hollywood)
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Here you go. Bump
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Good message.

Last year at foster care training, the paramedics covered this. I was amazed at what they said it would look like and how many people drown while being watched.

I recently communicated this to other adults while at a lake with the children swimming and most had no idea what a drowning person would look like. I try to pass on this information as often as I can. It is hard to imagine about 75 kids a year drowning as thier parents watch it happen, completely uninformed about what is going on.

Thanks for the post, now I have an actual link to send.

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