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Engine install info.

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Default Engine install info.

are there any threads on here that gives detailed engine installation tips? This is the first time that I have installed the engine by myself and need help on how it goes back in the boat.
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It's really not that tuff, you just need to go slow & prepare the engine as much as possible...Meaning, bolt on as much as you can before you install. Make sure you have all of your ground wires hooked to the bellhousing. Those can be a real chore if you miss one.
Make sure your motor mounts are free so you can adjust them as you need (unless you've got offshore mounts). Check that your fiber washer & spring are installed on the transom mounts.
You will also need an alignment tool. If you don't have one, you really need to get one. It would really suck to get it all bolted in just to find that the outdrive won't slide back in because of a misalignment.
I trust you are using an overhead hoist, vs a standard cherry picker. I've done it with a cherry picker, but it was rather tall, & had a good reach. A load leveler will help ya out with the small adjustments.
Have all your tools on the boat. Hook it up & start lowering it in. You may have to twist it to gain clearance as you lower it down. Get it set on your mounts, ensure it looks square, & lower it down till you have a little slack in the chain. Using the alignement tool, check to see how close you are. You will know when it's lined up. The tool will slide in with no effort. You may have to play with the height of the motor mounts. Just remember where you started from & make small adjustments. If it gets worse, then go the other
The wiring simply plugs in to the harness...ensure you use dialectric grease in the plug. Hook up your starter, fuel lines, shift & throttle cables...
Double check all your bolts, wiring, & connections...Hang the outdrive...
Go boating!!!
Hope that helps...That's pretty much the way I do it. Just be safe...
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