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XTRM22 06-05-2002 10:28 PM

Great treatment by PowerBoat Mag
I know this is gonna seem pretty insignificant to most but I gotta say something about a recent interaction with PowerBoat Mag. I saw this add for these way cool PowerBoat Hawaian shirt. I meant to order one but never got around to it. The other day I decided to try and get one so I called powerBoat and got the number for Craig Cleaver who I met once or twice through mutual friends. I left him a voice message on Mon. this week and he called me back in like 20 minutes and gave me another number to call. I called the number, talked to a nice lady named Alma who took the info. I just got my shirt! like 2 days later. These are folks who actually care about customers, I just sent in for my subscription to PowerBoat for the first time ( I usually buy it at the news stand if I see something specificlly interesting) I like to do business with people that treat me that good!
PS If you like Hawaiian shirts and power boats this one is awesome.

Reindl Powerboats 06-05-2002 10:44 PM


Agreed 100%. No matter who you are dealing with there they will do whatever they can to help you out.
And they put out one great mag after another.


MIKEHTMSR24 06-05-2002 10:49 PM

Sorry I had to laugh at you or should I say myself
I read your post as Hawaian skirt:D
Just when you thought you knew somebody:eek:

XTRM22 06-06-2002 01:01 AM

Damn Mike that ain't funny, I didn't even finish readin your post before checking to make sure I said SHIRT. Although it is a knda green Hawaian shirt, and with the right grass skirt.... LOL

Semper Fi 06-06-2002 03:54 AM

Hey Chuck............
I have met Craig Clever from Powerboat Mag. a couple of times and he is a genuine a nice guy.
Anyway... Long time no see... I will be in Havasu with Chris and Jody on their new Top Gun this weekend. Can't wait to get out there. Hope to see you out there,

BatGirl 06-06-2002 06:08 AM

Where did you go???? Power Boat Mag. Guys??
Met you at Daytona,missed you at Marathon..
I had your name put on our new shirts from LA.Sports and have not seen you guys since..........
Get you Bat Ass back in the Reindl One Design, and let the Bat Girl kick your ass, then you can write a great story about Bat Blondes havin fun offshore!!!!!! :D :D :D
Miss ya, get back in the game!!!!!!!
BG XO!!:p

Cleaver 06-07-2002 01:23 PM

POWERBOAT magazine
Thank you for the great posts. We try very hard to please everyone and to do our best to answer all the questions and concerns that come in. I have the new July SPEED issue in hand and I know that you all will be very pleased. We will see you all this summer!


Dean Ferry 06-07-2002 01:41 PM

Powerboat is a great magazine if your a MANATEE!

Risk Taker 06-07-2002 01:48 PM

Originally posted by Dean Ferry
Powerboat is a great magazine if your a MANATEE!


Mike J 06-07-2002 01:54 PM

Question for Cleaver at
Are there 2 Cleavers, One
named Chris and the one
who calls himself Cleaver
on this board.
Mike J.

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